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    4 New Pathfinder Society Games for November

    I have scheduled 4 more Pathfinder Society Games for any Pathfinder players out there. You can sign up for the slots at the Fantasy Grounds Pathfinder Society Group linked in my sig below. I tried to vary the days and times somewhat.

    Play Adventurers League games on Fantasy Grounds Here!

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    Signed up to your board but the games ask for my ID number, where do I find that? Also unsure of whether the calandar is changing for my local time or if it's fixed to a specific time.
    Really enjoying The Pathfinder Society right now and maybe one day I'll have a regular time for a longer campaign. And also with a better internet conenction I'll be running again.
    I'm available to game GMT+0:
    Tuesday: 6PM-12AM Wednesday:9AM-5PM
    Thursday:9AM-11PM Friday:6PM-2AM

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    You can obtain your PFS number by signing up at and clicking the "Join the Pathfinder Society" link to the right.

    I believe the calendar does convert to loacl time if you have selected your local time in the Yahoo settings. Having said that, the game announcementy in the forums will usually indicate the time zone....currently, most GM's are offering games in the EST which is GMT-5. Having said that, I know we have 1 worldly GM wating for enough demand on the other side of the world.

    Play Adventurers League games on Fantasy Grounds Here!

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