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    Legend of the Five Rings

    January 7th, 2010, 14:59
    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison
    I am not sure about the fan-made version, but there is a high likelihood that an official one will be coming out this year.
    Any updates available on the L5R ruleset or has it been abandoned?

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    We got off to a later start than originally planned. The official contract with AEG didn't get signed until late August and work has just recently begun.

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    Thank you for your response and totally understandable. I am glad to know that the project is well...still a project. I appreciate all the work you guys do, I realize there is much to cover.

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    This is fantastic news, thank you ddavison!! Is it too early to forecast a (ballpark) release month?

    I have been running a C&C game using FG2 for a long time now, but I am such a sap for L5R, love that game.


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    It's still too early. Some of the graphics work has begun but the automation and library conversion hasn't really gotten into full swing yet.

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    Is this something that is still in the works?

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    What L5R adventure modules are they looking at being available for conversion, I have a bunch of 1st Ed adventures that I wouldn't mind converting once a rules-set is ready (love the system, but never really got to play) they could be released as "classic."
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    Just had one of my Fantasy Grounds players asking if L5R was on FG...
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    Any updates on this? It's been a while.

    Thanks and sorry if it seems like I'm harpin on ya.

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    Work seems to have stalled on this front, due to a lack of available developers who are familiar with the system and capable of full ruleset development. We may need to try to push this through a kickstarter project to try to get it funded and built.

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