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    Thx Zacchaeus. I'll take a look again later. I spent most of my day off tooling around in FG excitedly and am tired of staring at my computer screen. I hope that's the case and/or I missed something.

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    Using the HL converter with the latest version of HeroLab and the latest version of FG. I am trying to import to Local (My Managed Characters). I have purchased the PFRPG ruleset (and still have the old free modules). Both are opened in Manage Characters.

    When I import this character, the abilities tab in FG are empty - entries seem to be created, but no text is imported and the spell book is empty as well. This used to work when I used the HL converter last year. Am I doing something wrong?


    Here is the HL .hlfg files as well.
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    Bumping this thread! I have a similar question to Lachancery in this post.

    Importing a spellcaster (Wizard) from Hero Lab - none of the prepared spells or actions are coming over, only the very basics of a Wizard. Do spells not get transferred with Hero Lab? I have all the pathfinder core material.

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    If you post your HL character file (not output file), perhaps I or someone else can take a look at it.


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    Not so much a HL error, but I just got this on an import. The info in that spell description is too long and the last of 4 words get wrapped around on top of the first few words.

    **edit** Did some more digging on this one. When HL exports a character with spells it only exports the full description, the FG character converter uses that full description for <shortdescription> tag in the XML that gets produced.
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