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    Tokens as placeables on a map?


    I was thinking about bandwidth and contemplating lag, when I thought about a couple things:

    1. Is it possible to place large tokens (houses, horse and cart, hay mow, temple, etc.) onto a plain map, thereby being able to arrange those tokens to create various maps? For example, if I have six houses tokens, I could plop them onto my plain cobble map in a formation that creates an alley and street, where the PCs might fight with a group of wererat thieves. I also drop some crate tokens, a sewer grate token, and a lamp post token. In this way, all the players would have the tokens already, so bandwidth would be saved during gameplay. Is this a good idea? Or am I off the deep end?

    2. Is it possible to 'stack' tokens, so I could drop a river token, then drop a bridge token over the river?

    What does anyone think?


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    This is what Dr. Zeuss's layer function (enhanced images) helps with. I combined that functionality with my the foundations_core ruleset I release that also has a lot of token functions that could help the idea.

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    One problem you might run into ( if not using Dr Z's layers ) is that it can be hard to select the token you want if you have one on top of the other.

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