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    Two Monitor Use?

    OK, I took out an eighth mortgage on my house and bought a second monitor.
    Is there a way to get FG to be stretched across both screens, so I could perhaps have chat and a map on the left monitor and the combat tracker and such on the right?

    Or is the purpose of two monitors simply so I can play FG on monitor two and still surf for porn on monitor one?

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    I think if you run it in windowed mode you can stretch it across two monitors. Pretty sure I alot of people have been doing that.

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    I have 2 monitors and stretch Fantasy Grounds across both - note, don't play in Maximised mode as this will be on only one monitor. Works really well.

    I run Windows 7 and the setting to use is "Mulitiple Displays" -> "Extend these displays" in the "Adjust Resolution" window.

    Talen has a screenshot of a game running across 2 monitors here. At least, I'm guessing he has 2 monitors - or one VERY wide one!

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    Yes, Iceman. That is how it works. Windowed mode.
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    Can I run DM mode one one monitor (my laptop) and a player map on my 2nd monitor (my TV at the game table)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasonTheDM View Post
    Can I run DM mode one one monitor (my laptop) and a player map on my 2nd monitor (my TV at the game table)?
    Welcome to FG.

    Yes, you can do that.
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    Awesome, thank you!! Going to try it on my weekend (monday).

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    Also.. if you have two screens, its possible with mirroring apps like Airplay (on Mac to use for Apple TV), and Air Parrot (on Windows to use Airplay on Apple TV, or use Chromecast to any device supporting Chromecast such as a Amazon TV or Roku)to have a separate players copy running on the second screen and then use the mirroring app to throw the players app window across wireless to a big Screen HDTV for a group around a table. That might allow for easier shared viewing by the group of their Character sheets and Maps.

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    I do it all the time running FG in windowed mode

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    Thanks. My group still wants to use pen and paper and I like the fog of war and tokens moving around the map, so that's why I want to do two screens. They aren't ready to give up physical copies yet. ��

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