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    Table affecting DM of another table

    I am reading what I can find about table creation in Fantasy grounds.

    I know a way to do what I want ( build 6 tables with proper DMs )

    However I am curious if there is a way for the result of one table, to affect the Die Modifier of a second table?

    If not I will go ahead with the multiple linked tables option

    p.s. Traveller is teaching me more about Fantasy Grounds. Decades ago when I DMd Traveller I had to stop because of the sheer time involved with massive numbers of rolls and looking tables up. Fantasy Grounds and the creation of new technology we didnt have back in those days ( The Internet ) has changed everything about the way I look at DMing Traveller, and I am grinning from ear to ear. It will take me months to prepare for a campaign because of the massive tables calling other tables I will want to create before hand.... but FG coupled with the tremendous information found around the internet is going to allow me to create the kind of Traveller game I have always wanted to DM with fast access to everything I might need without looking through a dozen pamphlet books. I am a happy camper.
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    You were halfway down this message before you mentioned Die modifiers. I was wondering how you wee going to have separate Dungeon Masters on each table. You might want to edit your title and the first time you mention DM say "Die Modifier (DM)".

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    Nope. Tables can not pass variables to other tables. You can have the results of one table call a specific column on another table, but that's the closest I can think of what you want.

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