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    Applying pathfinder effects

    I'm spoiled with 4e there an easy way to apply pf effects? Is there a working effects mod for the 2.8 ruleset?

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    I haven't tried them in PF mode, but they work great in 3.5E mode.

    There's some help pages in the Library that explain them.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen
    I'm spoiled with 4e there an easy way to apply pf effects? Is there a working effects mod for the 2.8 ruleset?
    There was a conditions module that was floating around, but this just lists the names of the conditions covered off in the Effects -> Label: Conditions section of the 3.5E User Guide (access through "Library" link above).

    Not sure exactly what Pathfinder effects you're looking for - but the effects system is now pretty close to the 4E ruleset, just use 'em like you do in 4E!

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    Hmmm....Im still missing something. For instance - if a pc or monster is blinded - is there an ability to drag a "blinded" condirion onto the entity on the tracker so that the -2 to AC, DEX from AC is rmeoved and -4 penalty to DEX and STR checks is automatically added? I suspect not, but hoping Im wrong.

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    Create an effect called "Blinded" (the effect name has to match the Status name from the "Label: Conditions" section of the User Guide I mentioned) in the "Effects" list (icon of a person in the top right).

    Click-and-drag this onto the PC or NPC in the combat tracker.

    The relevant mods will be made when skill rolls, attacks etc are made.

    I can't find a link to the conditions module I mentioned here in the forums, so I've attached it here. If whoever created this has an issue with me doing this, please let me know and I'll remove it.

    You can also add effects directly against PC spells - right-click on the spell entry in the Actions tab on the character sheet, select "Add Spell Action" -> "Add Effect" - enter the effect (either the status name or the actual results of the effect) and click the down-arrows on the right which then allows you to enter how the duration is calculated. You can either click-and-drag from here to entries on the combat tracker, or if the PC has one or more creatures targeted (either manually or as the result of hitting multiple targets/them failing their saving throw on a cast roll) then just double-click on the effect name and it will be applied to all targeted creatures.

    Hope this is what you're looking for and helps with using effects...
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    This was exactly what I was looking for - thank you for taking the time to respond!

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    A complete list of the supported Effects/Conditions is located in the online user manual. Make sure to explore the left hand menu to see all the information.


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    Digging a little deeper (for me): I'd like to add the effect for Bless (grants +1 to attack and plus 1 to saves against fear). If I right click on the spell name to "Add Spell Action" and then "Add Effect", I get a blank line. I then input the following "ATK :1; SAVE: 1 fear".

    1. Does this limit the +1 to saves against fear only?
    2. Can I label this somehow to identify the effect as assoicated with Bless on the combat tracker?

    Thanks for the help with this - it's been informative for me....I've never dug under the covers with the existing effects before!

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    You're almost there! You can add any text you like to identify effects - if it doesn't start with a known tag, FG just ignores it.

    For the SAVE modifier, I believe the [save type] descriptor only includes fortitude, reflex, or will (though this isn't explicitly stated at the bottom of the "Label: Modifiers" table in the User Guide).

    The thing you need to add is the bonus type, so that the bonuses stack properly. So I would go with the following:

    Bless; ATK: 1 morale

    I'm omitting the SAVE modifier, since I don't think you can specify fear effects only - this is one you'll just have to remember and apply when needed!
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    just to say that by using the effects in this module, the automated bonus/malus didn't show up.

    By adding a semicolon ";" just after the name of the effect it worked great.

    If it can help other people...

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