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    AE Ruleset in FGII v 2.8

    *dusts off the forum and looks around the empty room*

    Looks like I joined a popular club...

    Well, I introduced myself in the Guild House and now I'm banding about over here. In essence I picked up both FGII and the AE Ruleset and... well, there seem to be a few things that don't work quite well 'out of the box.'

    If anyone's still around, care to take a stab at a few of my questions?

    1) Spells... for the life of me I can't get spells in my spellcaster's Spells tab. Just a blank page. Anyone aware of this issue?

    2) Battle Tracker - my players don't have access to this like they do in the 3.5E ruleset. Is this something that has changed with the ages?

    3) Attacks - it seems that the 3.5E ruleset allows you to target enemies and the die results are applied automatically whereas in AE we can't find an option to do this. Another difference in editions or simply somewhere I haven't yet found?

    It seems to me that most of my questions may apply to differences of when the ruleset was created vs the version of FG today. If so... does this mean XML editing is in my near future?


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    I'm not familiar with the ruleset, but I can provide a little background.

    The Arcana Evolved ruleset was created quite a while ago (3+ years ago), and only has the functionality available at the time that was available in the default d20 ruleset at the time it was created.

    Many of the features for the combat tracker, auto-rolling and targeting comparisons were added in the last 2 years.


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    Thanks for the info. I noticed that the ruleset documents had dates from 2007/2008 so I was afraid of the incompatibility with version 2.8. Now I'll have to see if I can learn how to 'update' the AE ruleset to 2.8 functions which I doubt will be easy for me.

    Again thanks for the confirmation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCallen
    1) Spells... for the life of me I can't get spells in my spellcaster's Spells tab. Just a blank page. Anyone aware of this issue?
    From Memory (long time since I looked at that ruleset), you need to select the type of spellcaster (I think it was right-click on class and select FX type)

    Thought I could be getting d20 Modern and this muddled up.
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    Dos you were exactly right. Thanks!


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