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    Now that is a trick question, but i try to explain it so that you can use the CT.

    1. Options SR Client new Initiative automatic Role does not work yet. It is planned, that Init Roles are done automaticaly on Round Start for PC chars.
    2. Options SR GM New init Roles every round. This means, that at the end of the round all Init Results are being deleted and you will have to roll new init.
    3. As GM you can Drag and Drop PC chars onto the CT board. PCs must have their init on their PC sheet correctly put in (check and Pass).
    4. you have to manually put in the NPCs, since the personalities are not completet yet you cant drag and drop them. Once added you have to open the aditional Init information (the sword) and put in the Init Base and the Passes Base.
    5. Click on Menue, Initiative and clear all init to Initialize the CT and Log the PCs if they werent Logged yet. If you dont do this step some PCs may not be able to correctly role their init, since i had a glitch on the linking process.
    6. The PCs can now roll their init and you can roll all npc init with a click on menue, init Roll NPC init. The Init will be filled out and the button "I.-Rld" will be active (Initiative rolled). When all inits are rolled you can use the next actor button to begin the round. When the RD is done you can either rolle new init (according to the Options) or the inititive of the last round will automatically renew.

    Act1,2 and Free are Action Buttons. Act1 is normal Action taken, Act2 is complex or 2 normal Actions Taken, Free is Free action taken. They are only information fields.

    The Button on the line with the name, that is labeld "D" is an information if an action is Delayed or not.

    The Rest of the combat Tracker is only parially usable. The Effects part is not done yet and has a problem.

    P-Dam and S-Dam is the Damage the have.

    hmm I think that was about it, i hope this helps a bit. If it is not clear, just contact me for a meeting in Teamspeak and i show you.


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    Many Thanks,

    it worked out. Thanks for the effort you put into this ruleset!


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    first of all, many thanks for the work you put into this ruleset. Looks very cool to me and since I#m currently running a Shadowrun campaign I will try this one out for sure.

    But you asked for feedback, so here we go :-)

    - Technomancer and their fading attribute: The set assumes that drain resistance is allways willpower plus a second attribute. TMs use resonance plus a second attribute.
    - Magic Foci: In the filed "Type of the focus" I can only choose "Focus of 1","Focus of 2" etc. I think the foci names aer missing here.
    - Combat Tracker: When a character gets a wound modifier his initiative score for the current round is reduced by that modifier. Is it possible that the CT tracks that automatically? That would be very handy.
    - Spirits and Sprites: It's very nice that spirits resist summoning or binding automatically. Any chance to do the same for sprites?

    I will post more things when they come up.


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    thanks a lot for the feedback and the Ideas. I know that there is still a lot to do to be a really good ruleset, but sadly i cannot continue working on it, due to changed and longer Worktimes. I have give the Projekt to "Thasmiel" who will supervise the Programming.

    I am not sure if she has an account here in the FG community yet, but i will make sure she creates one. Any help will be appreciated, that i am sure.


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    Thanks for your work up to this point Fenloh, I hope this project can continue. Fantastic ruleset!
    I wonder how hard it would be to have output read/imported from HeroLabs character creator?
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    Is the Fgwiki site down ?. Is there any other site were the ruleset can be approached.

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    Just downloaded the new version and it looks great.

    Just one question the chat color for players come out as a very grey color on a white background and can hardly be seen. Gm chat is bold black on white is this normal or something that i can change ?

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    Ah, that is still the older version then. It is already fixed, but not uploaded yet. I will see that it will be uploaded


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    Ah ok thanks beyond that everything else is great my group is having a blast playing in the ruleset.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenloh
    There will also soon be a converter for the dumpshock XLS Chargen. As soon as it is done i will have it posted on the fgwiki.
    Are you referring to Chummer?

    I know that you are unable to continue this program the way you would like to. Would it be hard to create this "converter"? I wonder if someone else could be contacted to whip up something?

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