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Thread: Release v2.8

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    Release v2.8

    Fantasy Grounds v2.8 is now available via the FG updater or via the FG installer on the Downloads page.

    The primary focus areas for this release are:
    • Major update to 3.5E ruleset
    • PFRPG support via option in 3.5E ruleset
    • Character import and export for 3.5E and 4E rulesets
    • Lite/Unregistered versions can now demo any ruleset
    • Network improvements
    • Developer enhancements
    • Many more minor features and bug fixes

    If for any reason you are unable to use v2.8, please immediately let me know via private message or the House of Healing forum.

    A more complete list of patch notes will follow.


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    • Lite and Unregistered versions can host demo campaigns.</li>
    • Network optimizations, including token and portrait caching.</li>
    • When connection is lost, FG will attempt to reconnect to session for one minute. Any game data sent while disconnected will not be shared.</li>
    • Temporary files are cleaned up between sessions.</li>
    • Ultimate and Full versions can create and load campaigns when not connected to the Internet.</li>
    • Unregistered and lite versions can manage local characters with any installed ruleset. (if supported by ruleset)</li>
    • Client hot keys are saved as separate file in campaign cache folder.</li>
    • Idle timer increased to 2 minutes, up from 1 minute.</li>
    • Improvements to window list drawing speed.</li>
    • Better auto scrolling for nested windows and lists.</li>
    • Left click on chat window will set focus to chat entry box.</li>
    • Chat entry will not clear on mouse drag unless drag ends outside of box.</li>
    • Grave key is no longer hard-coded to issue stop/prompt messages in chat window. Use the radial menu instead.</li>
    • Clicking 4th mouse button in token bags will go up one level.</li>
    • When using radial menu to apply formatting to formattedtextcontrol, focus is maintained.</li>
    • Modules will only create their own category tab, if no mergeid defined and tab names not already defined.</li>
    • Clients could sometimes edit database entries they should not, and changes would be incorrectly propagated to host. Fixed.</li>
    • Fields using frames smaller than the size of the field will now tile the edges correctly.</li>
    • Assign speaker menu item was not visually updating. Fixed.</li>
    • Deleting empty lines in formattedtextcontrols could crash client. Fixed.</li>
    • Random impulse was not being added to dice rolls correctly. Fixed.</li>
    • First die roll using double-click rolling method would sometimes hang or fail. Fixed.</li>
    • Network race condition on delete when window shared with client identified. Fixed.</li>
    • Module categories and data entries would sometimes not appear, if primary campaign did not have records of same type. Fixed.</li>
    • Remote character portraits were not updated to newest copies on login. Fixed.</li>
    • Unable to use Manage Characters option if campaign PAK files used. Fixed.</li>
    • [LAUNCHER] UPnP port forwarding enabled for Connection Test.</li>
    • [LAUNCHER] Allows hosting when not connected to network.</li>
    • [LAUNCHER] Required fields highlighted in red.</li>
    • [LAUNCHER] Host user name defaults to "GM".</li>
    • [3.5E] Pathfinder mode added.</li>
    • [3.5E] Updated theme and sheet layouts.</li>
    • [3.5E] Client access to shared story, image and item entries.</li>
    • [3.5E] Full effects system added. See manual for details.</li>
    • [3.5E] /importchar and /exportchar commands added. See manual for details.</li>
    • [3.5E] Spell points support (i.e. psionics).</li>
    • [3.5E] Temporary and nonlethal hit point support.</li>
    • [3.5E] Chat window relative to FG window size.</li>
    • [3.5E] Search boxes added to every reference list.</li>
    • [3.5E] Indication of editable and rollable fields on character sheet.</li>
    • [3.5E] Support for more than 3 character classes.</li>
    • [3.5E] Drag and drop items to inventory.</li>
    • [3.5E] Enhanced PC spell casting.</li>
    • [3.5E] Targeting for double-click and drag-and-drop rolls improved.</li>
    • [3.5E] Image viewpoint remembered between sessions.</li>
    • [3.5E] Image toolbar added.</li>
    • [3.5E] NPC visibility options in CT.</li>
    • [3.5E] Encounter placement of tokens.</li>
    • [3.5E] Lighting and reply slash commands added.</li>
    • [3.5E] Kick option added to connected character list for GMs.</li>
    • [3.5E] AFK feature added.</li>
    • [3.5E] Weapons, armor and equipment details added to modules.</li>
    • [4E] /importchar and /exportchar commands added. See manual for details.</li>
    • [4E] Encounter placement of tokens.</li>
    • [4E] Added confirmations to radial delete.</li>
    • [4E] Speaker bar on host moved under chat window.</li>
    • [4E] Chat window relative to FG window size.</li>
    • [4E] Auto complete for multi word character names while whispering.</li>
    • [4E] Kick option added to connected character list for GMs.</li>
    • [4E] AFK feature added.</li>
    • [4E] Added options for adjusting NPC strength when they are added to combat tracker.</li>
    • [4E] Tokens can be individually scaled by holding CTRL and using mouse wheel over token.</li>
    • [4E] Combat tracker no longer needs to be open in order to target or drop actions on tokens.</li>
    • [4E] When dropping powers on character sheet, recharge would appear differently on player/GM screens. Fixed.</li>
    • [DEV] Ruleset and extension file load order is now the same on host and client.</li>
    • [DEV] Tabbing in string/number fields will now skip invisible, disabled or read-only fields.</li>
    • [DEV] Number controls will only intercept number drops by default, instead of all drops.</li>
    • [DEV] Added support for 4th and 5th mouse buttons in onClickDown and onClickRelease events.</li>
    • [DEV] throwDice calls made during chatwindow.onDrop handler will use current mouse vector, instead of random vector.</li>
    • [DEV] softclose tag will now allow windows to become invisible and minimized, instead of just minimized.</li>
    • [DEV] New functions, handlers, events and packages.</li>
    • Comm: addChatMessage, deliverChatMessage, deliverOOBMessage, throwDice, vote, setChatMood, clearChat, registerSlashHandler
    • DB: addHolder, export, getHolders, getText, getValue, import, isReadOnly, removeHolder, removeAllHolders, setValue
    • Interface: dialogFileOpen, dialogFileSave, onDesktopInit, onDesktopClose, openWindow (modal parameter)</li>
    • Token: addToken, getToken, onAdd, onClickDown, onClickRelease, onContainerChanged, onDelete, onDoubleClick, onDrop, onHover, onHoverUpdate, onScaleChanged, onTargetUpdate, onWheel
    • User: getActiveUsers, kick
    • categoryselectioncontrol: onHover, onHoverUpdate
    • chatwindow: onHover, onHoverUpdate
    • databasenode: getText, isReadOnly
    • diecontrol: noreset, onValueChanged
    • formattedtextcontrol: onHover, onHoverUpdate
    • imagecontrol: getImageSize, hasDrawing, hasMask, onHover, onHoverUpdate
    • numbercontrol: default, min, max
    • stringcontrol: default, readonly
    • tokencontrol: nodrag, nodrop, onValueChanged
    • tokeninstance: onHover, onHoverUpdate
    • windowinstance: isMinimized, onHover, onHoverUpdate
    • windowlist: setColumnWidth
    • windowreferencecontrol: noreset, onValueChanged
    • [DEV] 2.8 changes (behavior change when ruleset updated)</li>
    • Identity selection window not opened automatically. Use onDesktopInit handler.</li>
    • Console warning generated when template not found.</li>
    • Character database root can be specified as something other than "charsheet" using the characterdbroot tag.</li>
    • When importing characters from local mode, reference links are remapped to new character record ID.</li>
    • setValue, setPrototype and populateFromImageNode will no longer bypass database node ownership checks.</li>
    • imagecontrol: onTokenAdded event called for all existing tokens when initialized.</li>
    • windowcontrol: onDragStart added to replace first onDrag call.</li>
    • windowlistcontrol: onListRearranged event only called when windows added, deleted or rearranged.</li>

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    Thanks for you great work, JPG.

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    Thank you!

    has the "all licenses" installer been updated for 2.8?

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    The library modules under the 2.8 updated 3.5 (and Pathfinder) rulesets look really nice: the eye candy aspects and the useful functionalities of library modules has been improved.

    That is great! And I hope to find a way of adding some of that to other rulesets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulithe
    has the "all licenses" installer been updated for 2.8?
    As far as I know the unregistered version still need to un-install, download the 2.8 version and re-install. All the other licences lite, full, ultimate can use the Update Button on the launcher.

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    Has the d20 ruleset been rolled into the 3.5E ruleset with this release? What do I need to do to move my campaign from d20 to 3.5E?

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    Essentially, yes. The new 3.5E ruleset replaces the previous 3.5E ruleset, the d20_JPG ruleset and the d20 ruleset.

    For d20 ruleset users, here is a procedure to update to the 3.5E ruleset.
    * First, make a backup of your campaign folder in the Application Data Folder found in the Fantasy Grounds II start menu.
    * Next, open the campaign.xml file in a text editor.
    * Change the ruleset tag value from "d20" to "3.5E"
    * Reload your campaign.

    Since there is a direct migration from the d20_JPG ruleset and that ruleset was based on the d20 ruleset, then there should be minimal migration issues. However, the backup of your campaign is available just in case.


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    Fantastic work! Much appreciated!

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