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    Mongoose Traveller Ruleset

    I'm working to convert the Classic Traveller module to the Mongoose Traveller ruleset. Some of my goals with this include:

    1) Tweak the Character sheet to reflect the changes in mTrav. For example, skill rolls should include a characteristic modifier, but this can change depending on the way the skill is used.

    2) Tweak the starship equipment sheets to reflect mTrav changes.

    3) Turn the Mongoose Traveller SRD into a Library module that would, ideally, include weapons and other equipment that can be dragged onto a character sheet or starship sheet.

    4) Add utilities including random NPC generation, language/word generation, system generation, animal generation, and integrate those results into the database.

    I'm new to creating stuff for FG, so I'm still struggling with some of the basic concepts. But I'll keep you posted as things go along. And feel free to add comments or suggestions!

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    Just a quick update...

    I've been tweaking the character sheet, and the weapons frame. Still plenty of work to go on both of them.

    I've tweaked the dock, resizing the dock icons to add two more. One is for Systems, the one below that is for utilities.

    Only three utilities are shown in the image, which (when the scripts are perfected), will randomly generate words based on the language tables. Names, random NPCs, alien encounters, random star systems and available cargo scripts are on my list of things to add. The functionality will be there for planning a game session, as well as for situations where your players go in a direction you didn't anticipate.

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    now that's a great idea, actual tools for the gm to create worlds and ships and have them ready to go!!! the current ruleset has a starship sheet which is extremely useful and the planet sheet will be an awesome add-on. i really appreciate the time and effort you're putting into this!!!!

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    That's pretty well done, now if only someone would work on an extension that would tweak it for Judge Dredd gaming!

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    This ruleset looks awesome...
    Is it already available ?

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    Not quite ready for a release. I'll let you know!

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    Can't wait to get hold of this, Thank you very much mwbay, would it be possible to add vehicle as well as star ship sheets, though with the revised vehicle system coming out shortly it may have to wait.

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    That screen shot is mouth watering. How's it coming along? I'm pondering running some Mongoose Traveller, and this ruleset looks like it would be a huge help.

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    keep up the good work

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    Hey mwbay, how is this going?

    My friends and I are playing some Mongoose Traveller and looking to run the odd session over Fantasy Grounds. I'm quite experienced with FG so could help out with testing or anything else with the ruleset - let me know...

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