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    Robbo, layers quantity is limited only by system memory.

    XpressO, try it in fullscreen mode (just press F11 key) it'll help to gain some space.

    Galeric, if you mean option of final resolution changing, i'm workin on it

    phantomwhale, thank you, i'll try to fix that bug.

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    The speed of putting a nice looking map together is the best I have seen. It took me 20 minutes to put together this hospital map, for the Mutator one pager on the Savage Worlds website. I used 121 layers without any technical difficulties.

    And the default 32 pixel setting is perfect for Savage Worlds.

    Thank you Pyro!!!

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    Galeric, good news
    Now you may define grid square size in pixels, in export window.
    For example this image has grid size 100 pixels per size.

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    Nice work Pyro, that update will save me having to resize the exported images to a 50px size grid (for D&D 4E).

    Another request. For Ground and Floor tiles could we have an option to set the tiles to auto-rotate by a random amount (90,180,270,360 degrees). That way when tiling large areas (greater than 1x1) it would remove some of the repetitiveness the small pattern based tiles can create.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.
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    Very nice Pyro you rock!

    Have a map underway, will post the results when its done.

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    Quick bug-ettes

    If you bring in external images, that saving at anything other than the default 32 pixels in size seems to incorrectly size the external images. For instance, for the image below I exported at 16 pixels, and got the following :

    I also see the layering not going quite right now and then, but manually moving something up and back down the layering order fixes it. I was using 18 groups and around 200 layers, and apart from the odd layering snafu, it was working damn fine. Moving groups around is very quick and powerful !

    Also, some form of Undo might be nice ! I accidentally deleted a group and lost 15 minutes work

    In more positive news, in 2 hours, I made a Fort - awesome !

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    Just hypotethically, if one would need to create a bigger map than the default, could you include an option to make the grid bigger? I'm actually thinking of creating a whole level of a dungeon to adventure in, not just encounter locations as maps.

    EDIT: of course I can make it in parts and combine it later in photoshop or indesign but it's just a suggestion
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    Hi, XpressO.
    I increased default space from 62x62 to 150x100,
    but don't forget, flash cant create real big images.

    It's possible to save image of 150x100 map with 32 pixels per squre,
    not with 34 pixels.

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    Last night while building my 1st level of a dungeon, i noticed you have no statues or armor suits!


    BTW, this thing kick arse, keep up the great work.

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    This is pretty much the best thing to happen to online gaming since FG2.

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