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    Ok, then maybe they are missing. When I looked at the token icon on the bottom right, it brings up a little box with what looks like two satchels in it. One of them "contains" some generic numbered tokens, about 25 and the other appeared to be empty. If I recall correctly, both were in place before I even imported the C&C ruleset.

    And yes, Rising Knight is quite a good starter adventure. I own it in paperback from TLG and I've read it so it was the perfect inclusion as an introductory adventure. Thanks again for the info. I"ll email that link you gave me and see if I can sort out the token issue.

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    glad to help.

    hope the support folks can sort you out with those tokens. good luck!

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    for anyone that is interested Troll Lord Games have a special on Hard Cover Players Handbook and Monsters & Treasure for $20 total and they throw in a module too. Postage to Aus is not so cheap but very good deal for those in the US.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mfitzi
    Started FG with D&D 4e, and go used to all the drag and drop features. Is there a way to make the weapon information drop-able? Also, does the rule-set get updated like 3.5 and 4e does? I saw a post with an update noted...
    I was in the same boat - cut my teeth on 4e & got spoiled by all the cool widgets & features. The C&C ruleset has come a long way since I took it up - Sorcerer has been doing a stellar job with the updates. Some of the drag & drop functionality is missing right now compared to 4e, but there's actually quite a bit of functionality in the combat tracker, battlemats, etc. that makes it a very enjoyable ruleset to use to me. There are things that I wish were smoother, but there are far more things that I'm really happy with in the ruleset. $10 for a ruleset & both the books is a great deal, and C&C is a fantastic game for that old school AD&D feel... a great combination!
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