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    Roll NPC Initiative Bug

    I am not sure how long this bug has been occurring, as my group RPs as much as they go into combat.

    In our game, initiative is rolled before each new combat round.

    When I am in the CT, and I right click the MENU button at the bottom, as host (GM), I click on "Roll NPC Initiative" and nothing happens. The initiative spots for the monsters do not fill in.

    The only way I can get them to fill, is if I click "Roll All Initiative", and then have the players roll theirs - to overwrite the roll I performed for them by clicking the ALL button.

    I am pretty sure it used to work before, but they've been RPing a lot lately. It is also possible I'm doing something wrong, but it doesn't feel like I am.

    Any ideas?


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    yup I can confirm this is a bug and it must have been there since the v2.0 release.

    Seems to be the week for finding bugs!

    I am guessing (an educated guess you understand) that you have dragged monsters either directly from the monster manual to the combat tracker or from the monster manual to the encounters box where they were added to the CT via the add button at the bottom.

    monsters in the manuals are classed as "monsters" and the initiative button is only set to roll for "NPCs". in the original version of the ruleset it was only possible to add to the CT by dragging from the personalities box where all Monsters and NPC's are classed as "NPCs"

    The distinction between monsters and NPC's is due to the way the C&C ruleset selects what to display (via the tickbox at the top of each personality form)

    anyway seems I forgot to allow rolls for monster classes when I enabled direct drag and drop and implemented the encounter window.

    I will get to work on a fix which I guess should be available sometime next week if not sooner.

    in the meantime the work around is to drag monsters from the manual first to the personalities window (where they are relabeled as NPC's ) and then drag from there to the CT or encounter window.

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    Your educated guess is correct!

    Another work around I have found it to click the Init # in the CT as well.

    Thank you Sorcerer, as always you the best!


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    a fix for this (v2.07) has now been posted in its own thread

    thanks for your help


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