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    Big Useability issue wit

    Just had to abandon the 3rd of the last 4 game sessions. Since the upgrade we are suffering from random disconnects across the DM and 5 players, its got to the point that this is unuseable.
    We cant see any internet issues
    skype still runs fine
    The PC's are mixed spec from good to average.
    lots of file transfer errors on clients

    We have been running for nearly 2 years without many issues. In fact the previous version was very stable...only the upgrade seems to have changed things.

    Held of logging for a couple of weeks to see if it settled down or a fix issued....

    Help before our group dies....

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    I'm sorry to hear about the network issues. There have been 3-4 games where this has cropped up according to what I'm seeing on the forums. It's either not happening to others (or at least only minimally).

    I'm currently working with Primarch on the Test version (v2.7.5) to try and track down some of the connection issues.

    If you want to roll back to 2.7.2, the installer in the downloads section is still v2.7.2. Also, if you are running a Lite, Full or Ultimate license, you can set your version by using the Dev mode of the Test Mode Manager tool (available on the downloads page).

    Current Versions via the Test Mode Manager
    Release = v2.7.4
    Test = v2.7.5 (beta)
    Dev = v2.7.2

    If you have any ideas or details, I would appreciate anything you have. You can see more discussion on this in the Laboratory thread for v2.7.5.
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    Thank you for the response

    I will contemplate a rollback to 2.7.2, will there be any issues with the modules and campaign files that have been used with 2.7.4

    The only additional observations we have seen is players logging in seem to bump other players out. Lower spec machines seem to be more vunerable.

    The file transfer errors relate to attempts to reload parts of the campaign that are very old... has something happened to cause clients to re-cache everything even though it is already in the cache.

    We had one session last week that seemed to be normal with only one drop out... no logic to this, as i mentioned before we have been running for a couple of years with the same hardware and campaign.

    love the product so really want to sort it out



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    I wonder if it has something to do with age/size of campaign; and how much data is transferred on login.

    * How big is the campaign db.xml file on the host machine?

    If you are running a 4E game, you can try using the /flushdb chat command to reset the shared data in the campaign. In long running games, this can drastically reduce transfers on login as old campaign data is no longer shared automatically.

    * Can you post some of the file transfer errors you are seeing?

    I added some code to output messages on network errors, and it uncovered a minor issue with portrait tokens. I want to see if that is what you are seeing, or if it's something new/different.


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    We are runing JPG_d20 ruleset

    the db.xml is 2,169 kb

    Are there log files on the client i could ask my playesrs to send? I dont see any errors on the server end?

    Other wise i will ask them to copy some down

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    The errors are not currently tracked in the log file, though they are in the Test version (v2.7.5).

    The campaign is a good size, but not too big. For 4E, mine is 1.8M, and I only keep one adventure at a time.

    If your group is open to it, you can move to 2.7.5 until you get the drops, then back-rev to v2.7.2 to keep playing.

    As long as the ruleset files stay the same, then the FG version changes should not affect the campaign database, since the ruleset controls the database structure.


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    I will load the test tool and see how easy it is before i try to get the less technology confident players to give it a try.

    The module file that we are using is 35,046 Kb which is where most of the content is stored. A slow conversion of the Mysteries of the Moonsea FG campaign module.

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    Where do we find the log file?

    Client or server ...or both ?

    PS ...week 5 still sux ...5 players getting booted every 5 mins

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    More info

    All players reporting loads of file transfer problems...really old files.

    Seems to fail when i display a map. 4 - 5 players booted within seconds..

    Why is it retransfering all these old files?

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    Computer says no

    Yet again we have upgraded the program and it has fallen over, we get in, load up and get booted out this is getting very annoying. Someone please help

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