Thread: WoD: Dead?

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    WoD: Dead?

    So, i'm curious. It seems to me that no one plays WoD on FG2, but its supported? Did it die out or something?

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    Not at all. There are groups that play it. The one I have played in has been on a bit of a hiatus due to RL commitments. But I do know that there are groups out there playing.
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    but . . . but where are they? o.0

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    it is far from dead, one of my favorite games.

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    I'd be down to get in a group.

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    I have ran a game from time to time but mostly my group is all real life friends who have moved apart.

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    I'm assembling a Fantasy Grounds campaign using the nWoD ruleset and the Mage The Awakening subgenre.

    I'll be using a mix of SAS modules (while I get used to the interface) and my own story material.

    Feel free to post here as well:
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