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    Kickstarter sounds like a good idea...

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    Can anyone confirm if brp is still being developed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draeus
    Can anyone confirm if brp is still being developed?
    Better off asking in the BRP forums. I think the developer (Foen) is still an active user, but I'm not sure if he has any plans to update the ruleset currently.
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    I did ages ago and got no answer. I guess its a no. Oh well.

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    Hello Draes, do you have any specific requests for BRP? It might be best to post them under the BRP forum area.

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    I just bought the d20 modern ruleset in the market, and come to find i cant use it because it needs updating. shouldnt these older rulests be taken off the market until they can be updated? im a little upset that i paid for a ruleset that i cant even use!

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    Sehmerus, the D20 Modern ruleset is still usable it just doesn't have the level of features that are present in the latest rulesets. It should have everything listed in the description which includes the data elements for running a D20 Modern campaign. If you are not happy with the ruleset, please shoot an email over to [email protected] and we will reimburse you for the purchase.

    I added some new screenshots showing some of the various screens and functionality that are available. I also added a note to explain the difference between this product and some of the newer rulesets.

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    I cant get it to work

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    i created a file "rulesets" and added the d20modern ruleset to the file just like the Readme.txt says, but when i start up FG into DM it does not list D20Modern as an available ruleset.

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    Sehmerus, you shouldn't have to create a Rulesets folder. Click on the Start | Programs | Fantasy Grounds II | Application Data Folder and then you should see a series of folders here (ex - modules, rulesets, extensions.) Inside the rulesets folder, you want it to show your "D20-MSRD" folder without the quotes and the files inside this folder should include a bunch of xml files, such as base.xml, and some folders like "fonts", "frames", "icons", "tokens."

    You will place your .mod files in the modules folder instead. The portraits go in the portraits, etc.

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