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    Weeknight Game: Hellfrost

    Hello All,

    My playtest group has finished up the first adventure of my gun-fu game, so I need to put that game on hold while I finish up the writing.

    I'd still like to run a weeknight game, though, so I'm planning to start another weeknight Savage Worlds game, this time using the Hellfrost setting that was recently released for FG2. For those of you who do not know about it, Hellfrost is a fantasy setting in the Tolkien-esque sense of the term--dwarves, elves, dragons, etc.--with a strong Norse and Anglo-Saxon flavor and a post-apocalyptic twist.

    This is a chance to get your Beowulf on.

    The game will take place on either Thursday or Monday nights. I'm leaning towards Mondays for personal schedule reasons, but the playtest group met on Thursdays, and that seemed to work out, so I'm open to that alternative. I'm planning on game sessions that run roughly two hours. I live in Waco, Texas, and I will probably be running games from roughly 6-8 p.m., CDT, although I am open to the occasional longer session.

    This game is open to new players--I've played a lot of Savage Worlds, and I am comfortable teaching new players how the system works. It's a very easy game to learn, so don't let that stand in your way.

    If you are interested in playing, send me a PM or post in this thread. Let me know what day you would prefer to play (and time constraints, if you have them--I could be open to shifting the game to 7-9 p.m. if enough folks would prefer). We might start this week, but I consider it more likely that we will play our first session on Monday, October 25 (a week from today). I may try to open the server this weekend for people to sign in and create characters.

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    Count me in!

    Monday or Thursday works for me. I'm available until 9pm CDT.

    I already have a few interesting character concepts. What will help me decide which one to pick is the campaign you'll run. Hearthlands or Winterlands? Published modules or homebrew? Lots of undead or a mix of everything? How much XP do we start with? Novice 0 ? Do you use Glory Points?

    Looking forward to this Jeff!

    Everybody else, you havent played in one of Jeff's game before, you're in for a treat. I promise you you'll have fun. If you're not familiar with the game it doesnt matter, we'll all help you with the rules, we do it all the time with new guys and its no problem. Be ready to be creative and heroic .

    P.S. Hellfrost definately has a Beowulf feel, another inspiration also, as stated by the author, is the movie The 13th Warrior.

    Oh Jeff, are we gonna get to kick some vendhal's butt?! hehe
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    I've had 4-6 people express interest, so that should be enough to make a game work, but I'd be glad to have more (my experience is that inevitably a few folks realize that they can't make it schedule-wise, or something comes up). The plan will be to play starting next Monday, October 25th. I have added the campaign to the Game Calendar, here, so go sign up when you get the chance.

    In an effort to make Monday go smoothly, my plan is to put the server up at various times over the next few days. That will give folks a chance to sign in, download the rules (it takes some time), peruse the Savage Worlds and Hellfrost books a bit, and make a character. Check this thread for server availability.

    For those who are totally new, send me a PM and we can try to work out a time for me to help you with character creation.

    For anyone on the fence about playing and curious about Hellfrost, I highly recommend checking out the Triple Ace Games site and especially the free downloads at the bottom of the page. The map of Rassilon is a good starting place.

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    I'm very interested in this campaign and I already have a character concept fashioned after Herger from teh 13th Warrior. Though the ruleset can bring the backdrop of Hellfrost it will be up to the players to really give it that feel.
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    I'm in! The play test was a lot of fun and I look forward to enjoying another crazy adventure.

    edit: Monday nights would work best for me

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    I've listed the first server character-creation window on the Game Calendar as tonight, starting at 5 p.m. (Waco time). I'll be putting the server up and then heading out to a social event, so feel free to sign in and create a character.

    I've put five "server characters" up. Really they are just names and back-stories; you can re-work them however you please. You should also feel free to cook up your own idea. None of the current characters are elves or Finnar, but you are welcome to make one. Please, however, read over the stories below, and make sure that any character you come up with will fit in with this Tomb Raider-esque mercenary outfit.

    Delbaeth ap-Bron, Arcanologist (Human: Anari) - Delbaeth ap-Bron has only recently received a long-sought promotion in the ranks of the Reliquary, from researcher to field arcanologist, and he is eager to prove himself worthy of the appointment with success on this, his first big assignment outside the walls of the Citadel. Delbaeth (using Reliquary-approved funds) is the financier of this expedition to the Crystalline Tomb, and he is also theoretically its leader. He has never actually done anything like this, however, and Delbaeth was forced to rely heavily upon Leofric, the Saxa organizer, to assemble the team and handle the day-to-day business of the expedition. This has created some uneasiness for Delbaeth, who, like most Anari, tends to regard the Saxa as a race of simple, and possibly backwards, country folk.

    Rodbert (Engro) - Rodbert was hired for this expedition by Leofric based on his reputation as a talented defeater of locks and traps. The engro has benefited from a mixture of skill and good fortune on several previous expeditions, including a particularly lucrative excavation of some Heligi ruins near Watchgap Fort. Rodbert has begun to have second thoughts about this particular trip, which apparently involves a tomb riddled with traps and tucked away in some godforsaken, goblin-infested chunk of rock north of the frost line. Moreover, the arcanologist is barely disguising his suspicion that all engro naturally tend towards thievery. Rodbert has never taken anything from anyone...who would ever miss the object in question. When you stick something in a locked box, you obviously aren’t planning to use it.

    Olvir Frostbeard (Frost Dwarf) - Olvir enjoys the harsh life of the trail. Never blessed with the gift of gab, and chronically unable to see the humor in anything, Olvir finds himself best able to fit in when he can rely on his useful skills to do the talking for him. Hardship and battle create the kind of camaraderie that always seems to elude the quiet dwarf when he finds himself stuck in the town tavern or visiting the frozen halls of his own kind. Olvir’s quiet disposition and serious outlook partly result from the painful life that he has endured. Olvir is barely old enough to remember the terrible year 444 IR, when an army of orcs poured forth from the Granite Mountains, overrunning his clan’s ancestral home. Olvir grew up as a fatherless refugee on the trail, dreaming of the day when he might one day return to the halls of his forefathers and drive out the vermin that swarm through its ruins.

    Niellan Iceflame (Frostborn) - As a frostborn, Niellan Iceflame enjoys a natural affinity for "hrimwisardry"—the magic associated with coldfire and the Hellfrost—and Niellan sought out training and membership in Rassilon’s Elemental Convocation. Unfortunately, Niellan soon learned that most elementalists regarded hrimwisardry as nothing short of heresy, and she was soon forced to leave the Convocation to make her own way in the world. Working mages without membership in the Convocation command much lower rates for their talents than accredited elementalists, and Delbaeth wanted to put together his expedition on a fairly tight budget, so Niellan fit the bill. Niellan, for her part, has her own reasons for accepting this commission. By sticking close to a genuine arcanologist, the hrimwisard hopes that she might stumble across some tome of ancient lore or collection of scrolls that might contribute to a larger quest: to prove that she is correct about the linkage between elemental magic and her own powers.

    Leofric Yrsasunu (Human: Saxa) - Leofric is a no-nonsense Saxa warrior who makes his living as a trail master. Whether leading a caravan over the dangerous roads of Rassilon or pulling together a small expedition, like this one, to go on a mission in the goblin-infested Icebarrier Mountains, Leofric enjoys the satisfaction of bringing his clients safely back to civilization after a difficult journey. It takes a bit of ego and a slightly reckless streak to make a living ordering around other people and overseeing their safety in dangerous places, and Leofric can have a bit of a temper with insubordinate behavior. Still, Leofric is proud of the team he put together. They are a bit rough around the edges, and they will not win any popularity contests, but the members all work cheap and came with good recommendations. Now Leofric’s job is to bring’em back safely, and he will do it.

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    I thought I would bump this thread in case anyone else wants to join us. We started last week, but it's easy to integrate new folks into the story.

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    hey sorry I couldnt make it last week, was really busy. I'll try to make it this time, are you playing on Mondays?

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    Mondays from 7-9, CDT. Check out the game calendar entry, and add yourself in.

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