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    Test Version 2.7

    -- EDIT 2010-07-12
    Test Release 6 pushed to test mode.

    Please see the sticky thread on public testing if you want to be involved.

    OK, it's finally time for the next test version. I have been heads down crunching through the code, learning and growing the code at the same time. This is my first release, so be gentle.

    As always, please make a backup of your campaign before opening with a test release.

    Given the large number of changes to FG all around; I expect that there will be issues, so I plan to have this version in test for a longer period than usual and that there will be several iterations. I also expect that there may be new crash bugs introduced during the first couple iterations.

    I'm hoping that the great community that we have here will help me identify and work through the issues to make this version of FG the best yet. I have uploaded test versions for all license types, so you can even try to run your gaming session with the test version. Make sure that you try out the changes on your own first, and make a backup of your campaign beforehand.

    Unless Doug finds anything obvious in the next 24 hours, I plan to release the 2.7 test version tomorrow (2010-05-31).

    I will update this thread as I release new iterations of the test version.

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    EDIT - This list is no longer the most up to date. Please download the test version and see the patch notes.


    List of test version updates:

    • Fantasy Grounds - Features
    • UPnP will be used to configure port forwarding automatically when hosting, if supported by your configuration.
    • Maximing main window will no longer overlap Windows taskbar.
    • The default unmask mode is now box selection. Hold SHIFT key to freehand mask selection, and CTRL to remask.
    • All control objects will no longer intercept mouse events when disabled or hidden. (including imagecontrol)
    • Token scale for each token will be saved.
    • Tokens can be dragged between maps. (requires ruleset update)
    • Token radial menu reorganized to provide slot for custom menu items.
    • Tokens from unloaded modules will be loaded onto maps, instead of deleted.
    • Tokencontrols on the client will request token images from the host, instead of showing blanks.
    • Tokens in the token bag will show their file name on their tooltip.
    • Tokens from modules will be placed in a separate token bag using the module name.
    • The grid type of an imagecontrol (square/hex) can be changed via the radial menu.
    • Formattedtextcontrol mouse support improved. (scrolling, clicking, selecting)
    • When pasting or pressing Enter in a formattedtextcontrol, any selected text will be replaced.
    • Links in formattedtextcontrols will be shared when the formattedtextcontrol record is shared.
    • Campaign items from modules will use the module name as the merge ID and name for categoryselectioncontrols, unless already specified.
    • Categoryselectioncontrols will always have a category with an empty merge ID for base campaign data.
    • The number pad will now enter numbers, and shortcut keys using the number pad have been removed.
    • Multiple lines are supported for chat entries and tooltips.
    • Pointer handles will be easier to grab.
    • Stringcontrols support scrolling.
    • Stringcontrols will use line spacing for size determination instead of font height, when line spacing is defined.
    • If a stringcontrol of a child window is edited within a windowlist, the list will now scroll until the string field is visible.
    • When pressing delete or backspace on a numbercontrol, the control will now reset to zero.
    • Added negative vote option for chat window polls. (requires ruleset update)
    • Added chat frame support.
  3. Fantasy Grounds - LUA Updates\n[INDENT]
  4. buttoncontrol - Implemented setIcons function. (previously documented, but not implemented)
  5. chatwindow - Updated addMessage and deliverMessage functions to support mode and dicedisplay parameters as part of the message object.
  6. databasenode - Added removeAllHolders function.; Updated removeHolder function to remove holder value from child nodes. (previously documented, but not implemented)
  7. formattedtextcontrol - Added onClickDown, onClickRelease, onDoubleClick, onDrop, and onDrag events
  8. imagecontrol - Added setDrawingSize function; Added onZoom event; Changed onMeasurePointer event to onMeasurePointerEx event with new parameters; Updated onGridStateChanged, onDrawStateChanged and onMaskStateChanged events to fire correctly
  9. Interface - Added onHotkeyDrop callback; Added openRadialMenu function.
  10. numbercontrol - Added onTab event.
  11. tokeninstance - Added registerMenuItem function; Added onClickDown, onClickRelease, onDoubleClick, onWheel, onMenuSelection, onScaleChanged, and onContainerChanged callbacks; fixed setTarget when identity not specified.
  12. windowinstance - Added bringToFront function.
  13. windowlist - Added scrollToWindow function.
  • Fantasy Grounds - Bug Fixes
  • The CTRL key will no longer reverse modifiers of die rolls.
  • Read-only number controls will no longer intercept mouse and drop events.
  • Long node names and paths will no longer cause a crash.
  • Editing an empty formattedtextcontrol using the radial menu will no longer cause a crash.
  • Using CTRL + left or right arrow keys will no longer cause a crash when navigating formattedtextcontrol text.
  • When changing paragraph format of selected text from within an existing paragraph, text preceding the selection would be lost. Fixed.
  • Host module data was sometimes being marked dirty on load, and sometimes not marked dirty when updated. Fixed.
  • List items created in host module campaign entries were not being deleted when module data reverted. Fixed.
  • Lists will no longer scroll past the bottom of the last list item.
  • Text in a formattedtextcontrol will no longer be scrambled with applying formatting in the middle of a text block.
  • Shared client images did not update correctly when mask enabled/disabled. Fixed.
  • When sharing images, client view did not always match host view. Fixed.
  • Setting grid offset values less than zero or greater than grid size would cause a crash. Fixed.
  • The stringcontrol nodrop tag was being ignored. Fixed.
  • The return value of stringcontrol.onEnter was being ignored. Fixed.
  • Fixed pointer rounding error when moving pointer start handle, which caused pointer to expand/shrink incorrectly.
  • Fixed layout of child windows in nested windowlists which was incorrect under certain circumstances.
  • When using large fonts in Windows, console messages were being clipped. Fixed.
  • Increased console buffer limit to avoid crashes when lots of console messages generated.
  • 4E Ruleset - Features\n[INDENT]
  • Added custom chat frames for normal and story chat modes.
  • Added character class and level to character selection screen.
  • Added self-targeted heal toggle for PC power heal abilities.
  • Clients can open previously shared story, image and item campaign entries.
  • Host has visual indicator of campaign items previously shared with clients.
  • Host can unshare previously shared campaign items via menu or click on share icon.
  • Notes are scrollable.
  • Added scroller to story campaign items.
  • Image toolbars added. (mask/drawing, grid adjustment, targeting)
  • Image viewpoint remembered between sessions.
  • Individual tokens can be scaled on maps. (CTRL + mouse wheel to scale, CTRL + middle click to reset)
  • Host can SHIFT + left click on tokens to toggle targeting for active CT entry.
  • Client can SHIFT + left click on CT entries to toggle targeting.
  • When using the auto total feature, the totals will now be shown using the built-in chat entry feature, instead of appended to the chat entry text.
  • When running multiple characters on a client, a single click will activate a character, while a double click will open the character sheet.
  • Combat tracker menu can be activated using a left click.
  • Skill fields will accept auto-complete shown when spacebar pressed.
  • Increased default and maximum size of NPC sheet.
  • Recharge effects removed on rest. (for NPCs with the party)
  • Dropping dice on an NPC power will now replace the weapon dice indicator ([W]) with the dice dropped, instead of creating a separate dice field.
  • Letter tokens moved into separate module.
  • New chat icons for attack miss, attack hit, attack crit, damage, effect and heal.
  • When list filter opened, previously entered filter text will be selected by default.
  • When new button used on host, the name field will receive the focus.
  • Effect components occuring on failed save or aftereffect will no longer be displayed in the quick view.
  • 4E Ruleset - Bug Fixes\n
  • NPC powers in exported modules will no longer overlap with campaign NPC powers.
  • Pointer distance calculation now is the same as 4E movement distance calculations.
  • Fixed script error when using custom NPC power list node names.
  • Power reference windows not linked from modules will no longer link to original object.
  • All trap and vehicle fields will be copied when dragging traps/vehicles to NPC campaign list.
  • Database holders will be correctly cleaned up at end of each session, and when releasing characters.
  • Module state icons were overlapping link icons. Fixed.
  • Small vertical scroll occurred on character sheets. Fixed.
  • Tab order of some power entries incorrect. Fixed.
  • Item power enhancement bonus was being applied to power description after power parsed. Fixed.
  • Resist all and resist energy effects were incorrectly stacking. Fixed.
  • Healing effect bonuses only applied if healing surge involved. (per rule updates)
  • When death save greater than 20, and no heal surge remaining, then no change.
  • When damage reduced to less than zero by modifiers, then target would be healed instead. Fixed.
  • Releasing active identity will activate the next available identity, if any.
  • Script error when attempting to open link in local mode. Fixed.
  • Long titles in reference windows would cause the title to disappear. Fixed.
  • Damage type of base weapon not being applied to powers using the weapon. Fixed.
  • 3.5E Ruleset - Bug Fixes
  • Added preference to auto add name to rolls
  • Added preference to CTRL+click on numbers to add to modifier stack
  • Added preference to enable double-click rolling (works for NPCs only (attacks, skills, saves) - PCs will be added soon)
  • Fixed bug where Combats dragged to group Initiative window didn't retain values.
  • Dragging and dropping NPCs now creates a copy of the original node, complete with formatted textcontrol
  • Combat window now has token and link
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    Woohoo, that's one monster of an update. Good job moon, looking forward to playing with the new version when it lands later today. Cheers.
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    Man . . . really looking forward to this.

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    Fantastic! Thank you.

    Is there any chance, or a priority, for updating the D20_JPG ruleset when the bugs are quashed?

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    Moon_moon, thats amazing! Thats wht i love FG!
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    Updated patch notes, release pushed to test mode. See the sticky thread on public testing if you want to be involved. Remember, I expect problems initially due to number of changes, so set your expectations accordingly.


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    People may want to hold off testing currently. We have an issue with a dependent directX file we need to work out first.

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    Okay, we should be good to go again now. If you downloaded the first release of the patch and can't launch Fantasy Grounds right now, just go to the application directory and launch the FantasyGroundsUpdater.exe again. It should remedy your problem.


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    Wow! Awesome. Thanks, SW. Everything worked fine for me in a quick run through of the new features, except the problem below. I'll test this release out with my group on Thursday and Saturday.

    The "effects" icon within entries on the CT is missing. I can click the area where it used to be in order to continue using the functionality, but the image is not actually there.

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