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    2.7.2 - LUA Error

    Double Clicking a character portrait after the character sheet is opened results in
    Script Error: [string “scripts/characterlist_entry.lua”]:219: attempt to call field ‘bringToFront’ (a nil value)

    Yes. Players reproduced it several times throughout the evening, always by accident and always at an inopportune moment. Clicking to close the error window seems to work, but one player once thought that his client crashed when he did that.

    High - player dissatisfaction

    FG 2.7.2 Ultimate running on windows Vista (DM) -- all clients are the freebie-ultimate clients
    DM was using the Dungeon Theme

    Are there any logs/etc. that I need to collect?

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    Any actions in particular that tripped it? Reproducible 'by accident' is brutal to diagnose.

    RE: Severity,

    Does it happen under 6.5?

    I think its a helpful bug report but in fairness 2.7.2 is a test release at this stage. No 2.7.2 bugs have severity.

    What ruleset and extensions were you using?
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    Additional Info:

    I suppose the "reproducible" field should have included the text from the Issue field. This issue was reproducible by the player double clicking an icon on the map. We are using the 4E set with the dungeon extension.

    The severity field was more of a way to indicate what the effect of this was on the environment. Only apparent outcome was player dissatisfaction, I didn't notice issues with reconnect, corrupted dB, heap dumps, etc.

    I will roll back to 6.5 and see if the problem is reproducible there.


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    Not present in 6.5

    I was able to hook up with the player reporting the issue. I rolled FG back to latest release version and this issue was not reproducible. Apparently its only in 2.7.2

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    This appears to be a situation where it appears that the latest dev version of the 4E ruleset was being used with an older version of FG. The bringToFront function did not exist in older versions.

    Make sure that there are no errors when updating, and that the player is updating the the Development version when using the Test Mode Tool.


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    Reproduced with latest dev load (additional info)

    I just upgraded on October 10 to the latest Dev load. The issue was reproduced. We are using the Ultimate License, the client is installed using the checkbox for connect to Ultimate. Is there a different way to ensure that the versions are in sync?

    Steps performed:
    1) Client deleted campaign.dat file
    2) Server started latest Dev load, using the Dungeon Theme and campaign for 4E
    3) Client connected --- No names displayed on character selection

    (Once selected the Character's name does appear with the portrait)

    4) Clicking on character to open/select and the 219 is generated


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    What do you mean with the "2) Server started latest Dev load, using ..."?
    Are you using development/test (2.7.x) version or the latest stabile version (2.6.5) of the FG? You should note that unregistered players can use only the latest stabile version (2.6.5).
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    Close this thread down

    Thanks for the input. All of my clients are running Unregistered versions with the server being Ultimate. This configuration is apparently not supported and the cause of the weirdness I have seen.

    Thanks for the input,

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