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    2.7.2 Pointers Crashed Clients

    Last night, since our area of Texas was effectively rained out for outdoor activities, a couple of my group's regulars and I got together for an impromptu online session. We ran into a couple snags one of which is documented here:

    DM using pointers on map caused all attached clients to disconnect/crash. Players were able to immediately rejoin.
    Here is a screen shot right of the issue:

    Player using pointers caused their local client to disconnect/crash. Clients were able to rejoin

    Yes. We were able to reproduce twice before changing strategies and using icons instead.

    Other weird behavior:
    When a client was pushed the map after a reconnect, none of the map was exposed. DM had to re-expose mask area and then maps between players would be in sync.

    High player dissatisfaction

    FG 2.7.2 Ultimate running on windows Vista (DM) -- all clients are the freebie-ultimate clients
    DM was using the Dungeon Theme

    Are there any logs/etc. that I need to collect?

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    I am unable to re-create this problem (I was using the Savage Worlds ruleset).

    Windows 7 64bit Ultimate.
    Client running unregistered.

    What rule set are you using?
    My players just defeated an army, had a dogfight with aliens, machine-gunned the zombies, stormed the tower, became Legendary and died heroically

    Yours are still on combat round 6

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    Forgot Ruleset...4E

    We are using the 4E ruleset.

    If it helps I can either upload the campaign for testing or make server available.


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    Does it happen under 6.5?
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    Not present in 6.5

    I was able to hook up with the player experiencing the problem. After I rolled fantasy grounds back to the latest release version, the issue does NOT occur.


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    It almost seems like the most recent 4E ruleset is being used with a version of FG which is older than the most current dev version. Previous versions provided less parameters to the onMeasurePointer function, which would cause the nil error message.

    Are you positive that the update is completing successfully without any errors? Can up recreate on the same machine running both host and client?


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    I have upgraded (on 10/10) to the latest DEV version. The issue still occurs, but with a twist, a new error line is output

    This occurred after:
    1) The client deleted campaign.dat file
    2) Server started using DEV load
    3) Client connected to server
    4) Client opened map from Map/images button selection
    5) Pointers drawn on map

    This does NOT happen on client spawned from server machine and connecting to localhost.


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    What are the clients running?
    J.R.R. Tolkien wrote, "I wish life was not so short. Languages take such a time, and so do all the things one wants to know about."

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    Close this thread down

    Thanks for the input. All of my clients are running Unregistered versions with the server being Ultimate. This configuration is apparently not supported and the cause of the weirdness I have seen.

    Thanks for the input,

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    Ran a game of Savage Worlds tonight and the token highlighting was screwed up six ways from Sunday. Tokens randomly failed to have the threat level background highlight, I couldn't tell which token was up on the combat tracker, hovering the mouse over the token gave a flashing partial threat area shadow, and the highlighting occasionally seemed to jump about between the tokens on its own.

    Details: Win7 32bit; GeForce FX 5200; reinstalled FGII before the game started (so I could run it under a different Windows user account). Seemed to work properly last week, so maybe the reinstall is bad. Will try a clean reinstall ASAP.

    -Kevin McD

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