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    Dazed and confused

    Hey all extremly new player to FG

    A buddy of mine got me started with this and sent me a few files to get me going.. I have read lots of threads, watched videos and scoured the internet but im having no luck

    I have lets use the MM for example its currently in zip format. in the zip file i have a tokens and images folder as well as a db.xml and a deffinitions.xml.

    I have tried unzipping this , putting the files in different folders in the module folder ... I have no idea how to get them into my library so I can use em.

    I am sure there is a your an idiot button but at this point I just need some kind of answer

    Anyway thanks in advance for any insight


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    Try renaming the file extension of the zip file to .mod (so if it's change it to mm.mod) and stick that in your modules folder. See if that works.

    Other things to check:

    Make sure the module is active (the book is "open").
    Make sure the module is compatible with the ruleset you're using.
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    No luck with the re-name.

    Its a 4e MM and i using the 4e rs i thought they were compatable. I never see the files any where so i cant make them active. They do not apear in my library or in the module section. These should all be in my module section correct?

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    You probably have one of two problems but we can't tell which. The problem is you say you have an MM that's a zip. Assuming you mean it's suppose to be a Monster Manual library module, it should not be a zip file.

    This means:

    1) Your friend gave you something zipped up you didn't unzip correctly or he didn't zip correctly (it really seems more like its the problem below though).

    2) He send you a module but you have software on your computer that recognized that FG modules are really just zip files with a .mod file extention - so your software "helpfully" changed the .mod extension to .zip so the module file will not work in FG - and because looked like a zip file you unzipped it which won't work either. Its also possible your friend had software on his computer that changed the extension to .zip on the file before he sent it to you. That's what SniperDM was talking about. In this case you need to rename the file back to a .mod file. Note: some of that "helpful" software change the file extension every time you move the file so get the module into the FG modules folder before changing the extension back to .mod.
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    *****edit well i was able to do it to 1 module DDelve no others though the name shows up but thats it no thumbnail info etc..

    Hey thanks for the reply fellas. Changed folder options so when i change the .ext it changed it from zip to mod.. Still couldnt find anything. BUT i exported a module earlier, so on a lark I renamed the mm to test.mod .. opened it right up SO not a vicotry but at least its a win.

    Thanks again
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