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    Pathfinder Ruleset

    Is there an unofficial or official pathfinder rule set out that anyone is aware of?

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    For your Ars Magica needs :

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    Once the extension is downloaded where does it go?

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    You only need the extension if you are running the game, players don't need it. Extentions go in the extensions folder. To find it, press the Start Button -> All Programs -> Fantasy Grounds II -> Application Data Folder. Note: some "helpful" zip utilities will change the .ext file extension to .zip which will break the extension.

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    worked and did the d20 install however none of the pathfinder rules changed in the d20 system.

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    You need to use the d20_JPG ruleset http://oberoten.dyndns.org/fgwiki/index.php/D20, and download the extension at the bottom of the previously linked page. Either v.7 or 8. As some functions are not yet fully working in v.8 like weight totals so you may want to use v.7, although v.8 has some nifty additions.

    It makes changes to the character, NPC sheet and item sheet (afaik), not the library modules. (You you have the PRD/PFSRD/Rulebook etc. for that)

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    DOes V7 update the monster stats and classes? Becasue I uploaded and nothing changed.

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    Sorry, but like I said in the last part of my previous post (I may have been a bit unclear), it only changes the layout of the character sheet and NPC sheet to allow for the changes that Pathfinder made. Any stats for monsters and so on remain unaffected and you'd have to edit the library modules yourself or find a fan-made conversion for them to change.

    While of course it makes for easier use to have the rules in the program, our group has managed just fine with just manually entering stats from outside sources like adventure PDFs or the rules here http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ .
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    No you were clear I just wasnt sure what you meant.... dededee on my part now I understand.

    Thank you again!!

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    You're welcome.

    Happy gaming!

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