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    Extensive library module documentation for those starting out.

    I came to the forums looking for some help on the issue of making library modules since there was little to no documentation available on the subject. Thanks to some very helpful people and a bit of trial and error i have learnt to do that
    I've put together all i know in a small manual about putting together library modules and module XML structure. I hope that it helps out those who came to the forums with the same questions as me.

    I ask the more knowledgeable users than i to please take a look at it, point out any flaws or errors in the document, and tell me where it could be improved upon or added to. I shall periodically compile these addendums and publish a new version of the manual.

    Thank you

    Edit: released update

    Version 1.1 - Added some more info about linking and module creation, i've also color coded the XML code for better clarity and removed some typos.
    Version 1.2 - See below for details
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    Great stuff, I am sure many other community members will find this an invaluable reference. Well done.

    Someone should sticky this post.
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    Awesome. I read through this today and it's a great little starter document.

    Would love a visual guide to playing with graphical layouts.

    Here is the code for a number box (code)
    and it produces this (image)

    This is how you set up a dice roll for the number box.

    This is how you set up a dice roll that uses the number inside the box as a modifier.

    For the most part, I think that having a lot the functionality you see in JPG's stuff for 4e could apply to almost any ruleset (linking entries, drag dice, double-click dice rolls, etc).

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    Stitched - the idea about adding pictures is good, and i may do it in the future.

    However the examples that you mentioned (number box, dice roll, etc) however pertain rather to ruleset modification and are beyond the scope of this document. I think there are others far more knowledgeable about that around here.

    P.S. updated guide with some additions and changes. Read about it up top.

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    And got version 1.2 uploaded.

    -Added some additional tag info, those i had no idea about in the original version

    -Added some info about order of library entries, and about thumbnails

    -Added an errata explaining the limited ability to make library entries with FG2's export function.

    -Corrected various bits and pieces.

    Hopefully version with images coming soon.

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    I'm working on, hopefully with permission of Smiteworks, into converting the online Ruleset modification documention, into a bookmarked downloadable PDF. So far, it's slow going since I have to fix some formatting errors where the text / graphics get chopped (read: unreadable). Stay tuned.

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    Export Library Modules for Monsters etc.

    erased by the author - this doesn´t work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aramasz
    i will try to take a desktop-video of it. good gaming!
    I encourage you to do it, so more people will be able to see how easy is to follow the required steps. All what makes easier to build FG2 library modules is good!
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    Video - how to export library modules without xml-knowledge

    Here it ist, i hope itīs helpful - my english isnīt the best.
    I hope the link will work, if not, search for:
    Exporting Library modules in Fantasy Ground without XML
    in youtube.

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