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    Latest version? SW3? Support for Win 7?

    I purchased the SW ruleset some time ago (SWorldsIISWEXP). I also have another zip called, for Savage Wolrds v3? This one comes with an installer and reads: SavageWorldsInstaller-3.0.8. Is this the latest version?

    Does it work? I installed it on my Windows 7 machine and started a new test campaign using it, but there's nothing the campaign when I open it. The skin shows up but there's no library items or anything. Does it support Win 7? Am I doing something wrong?

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    I'm not sure if it's the latest version of the ruleset. However, the version of Windows shouldn't matter to the ruleset, only to Fantasy Grounds which does run on Windows 7.

    In order to see modules in the library, you need to activate them using the module activation button in the upper right. Here are the instructions on how to do this in the 4E ruleset, which should be similar for the SW ruleset.
    (Look in the 'Activating a Module' section)


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    Thanks. I had done that, but I guess what I mean is that not everything is showing. I have "The Black Ankh" Rippers adventure module activated, but sometimes there aren't any Story links at all nor Personalities. Sometimes. There seems to be an intermittent problem because I closed and restarted and now story entries are showing up, but not personalities.


    Ok. After some experimentation, things are behaving a little quirky I suppose. I have to click the little tab at the bottom of story or personalities to get them to appear. Also modules don't remain activated when I load the ruleset. You have to manually re-activate them each time you load FG.

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    The buttons on the side are for managing your campaign data. Each type of campaign data has its own window, where the data can be separated into categories, which are the colored tabs on the bottom of the window. Usually module data is automatically placed in its own tab, depending on how the module creator set it up. You can also use categories to manage your non-module campaign data. By default, the main campaign category will be shown when you open one of the campaign data windows, not the module data.

    Modules should remain activated as long as you are hosting a campaign using the Create/Load Campaign option on the launcher. If you are using the Manage Characters option on the launcher, the module activation is not saved.


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    I don't know if this will help understand what's going on or not but I know that personally, sometimes I need to create a story entry for module entries to appear. It was the case with Waylaid on Wayland and also Gate of Scouring Pass for 4e.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jingo
    I purchased the SW ruleset some time ago (SWorldsIISWEXP). I also have another zip called, for Savage Wolrds v3? This one comes with an installer and reads: SavageWorldsInstaller-3.0.8. Is this the latest version?
    Just to answer your first question, is the updated and latest version of the savage worlds ruleset, and should contain the SavageWorldsInstaller-3.0.8.msi file to install it.

    The other file you may have ( is the older version of the ruleset.

    Of course, as well as recommending you play with the latest (3.0.8) version of the ruleset, I heartily recommend using the unofficial patches extension too (stickied in the Savage Worlds forum topic), to smooth over a few little bumps remaining in the latest savage ruleset version.

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