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    New to FGII and 4E

    My name is Gordon (29 male, NY),I played D&D many years ago and miss the comradery. I have recently purchased FGII and going through the tutorials to try to get up to speed. I am interestd in playing any day between 2pm-10pm EST (GMT -5 iirc). Looking for a mature minded group, willing to help. I prefer to start things off with D&D, but I am open to play other games once comfortable. I have briefly played GURPS, ROBOTECH, and SHADOWRUN. I do not use instant messagers, so please reply here or send a pm.

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    Hey Gordon - thanks for your post. While I don't have room in my 4e Scales of War game, I will definitely keep you in mind if I have someone back out or if we decide we would like another player (we have 4 of the suggested 5 players right now).

    All the best.

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