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    I didn't notice in your post - this is a new issue in 2.7 right? It worked fine in 2.6.5? I only ask since I think MW is using this thread to focus on stamping out issues that the current test release might introduce, not looking for new bug fixes to include in it.

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    The text only scrolled in a multiline stringfield with the arrow keys in 2.6.5, and stayed aligned properly. 2.7 added the ability to use the mousewheel for scrolling these types of controls.

    As far as I can tell this is a 2.7 specific issue.


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    No reports while I was out of town this weekend, and a successful session with my group last Wednesday is a good sign.

    I'm going to hold off on releasing 2.7 until after Gencon. I want to be available after the new version release in order to address any issues quickly, which I can't do on the road.

    Please keep me updated on any items you see, especially issues that you are not seeing in 2.6.5.


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    Shutdown error in d20_JPG

    If I put a bugbear as a pesonality in d20_jpg with v2.7 loaded FG doesn't close down right, and a backup db will be created. This happens with some other monsters as well (i cant remember which), I have tried both the 3.5 build in monsters and the CSRD monsters.

    Is this something others can replicate?

    Best regards

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    I reproduced the bugbear issue. Thanks for reporting it.


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    Test Release 11 has been pushed to testing. I have no outstanding items at this point, so please put this one through the paces.

    FG Client Updates
    • Database corruption when saving stringfields containing '%' characters. Fixed. (Bugbear issue)
    • Numbercontrols will now longer display in exponential notation. (NOTE: numbercontrols only support 7 digits of precision.)
    • Layout of stacked formattedtextcontrols improved.
    • Console messages can be copied to the clipboard.
    • Scrolling stringcontrols with mouse wheel will increment text by line spacing height instead of fixed value.
    • The cursor within an active stringcontrol will no longer be drawn when it is outside the viewing area. (i.e. scrolling with mouse wheel)
    • User.getRemoteIdentities updated to allow multiple fields to be requested for labels (numerical or string only).
    • Icons within buttoncontrols not scaling correctly. Fixed.

    4E Updates
    • By default, toolbars are not displayed on images. Host can toggle toolbars on/off, and the setting will be remembered.
    • Tokens can now be moved by clients, if marked friendly.
    • Script error when dropping dice on power names. Fixed.
    • Class and level are now visible in client character selection window.
    • Recharge not working in CT for basic attacks. Fixed.


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    Hi, just a quick one: some tables in the BRP rules set are no longer displayed correctly. I am speaking of the text tables in the rules Library.
    I did not notice that earlier but today after the update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moon_wizard
    Test Release 11 has been pushed to testing. I have no outstanding items at this point, so please put this one through the paces.
    Since you have nothing outstanding, is it possible for you to have a look at this. I work almost exclusively in hex's, while not a deal breaker, it is annoying.
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    Patch notes seem to be missing after you update.

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    Can you be more specific on which module and tables?

    Got it. I missed a closing tag in the patchnotes.xml.

    I did change the OnMeasurePointer function to OnMeasurePointerEx with v2.7. I didn't dig into your thread to understand exactly what is needed, but is this change already enough to do your calculations? If so, help me write the LUA code for the calc to put in 4E as an example.

    Old: OnMeasurePointer (length)
    where length = pixel length of pointer.

    New: OnMeasurePointerEx (x1, y1, x2, y2, length, type)
    where x1/y1 and x2/y2 are the start/end pixel coordinates for pointer
    and length is the pixel length of the pointer
    and type is the pointer type (arrow, circle, cone, rectangle)


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