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    New OGL Publisher coming on board shortly

    I am working on finalizing the contract at this stage but we will be adding some good D20/OGL content to the store in the near future. One thing I like about this new publisher is that they have an entire series of adventures for one GM and one Player. This should be a welcome addition to the line-up.

    I will post more details once we get everything signed.


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    Expeditious Retreat has signed on to allow licensed conversions of their products for Fantasy Grounds.

    We will be starting on their 1 On 1 Adventures series, beginning with Gambler's Quest. This first module will be targeted towards a single GM and a single rogue player character levels 2-4. I will post the list of upcoming modules to the thread looking for developers. Please contact me at [email protected] if you have an interest in converting any of these, or if you already have them converted into modules.


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    This is good news. I've enjoyed playing a number of the One-on-One adventures. "Gamblers Quest" will work very well in FG. I've also had lots of fun with "Forbidden Hills", "Vale of the Sepulchre" and "The Sixth Cavalier".

    Will you be doing full colour versions of the maps? If so, will they be gridless (and use FG's internal grid feature)? I convert these adventures to play using GURPS online, so if I could buy an FG module with a gridless map it would make it easy for me to add a hex grid. This would make it worth my buying the modules even for the ones that I already own in pdf.

    Free GURPS tools for Fantasy Grounds at www.spyke.me.

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    Good question. Looking at the first map for Gambler's Quest, it looks like it uses a square grid already. I expect they will be a pretty straight translation of whatever the PDF uses for each one, but I will keep that in mind as I work through them and let you know if I come up with a relatively easy way to convert them to gridless as an option.

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