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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowley72
    Thank you kairos,

    That is good as I am considering a campain idea for it. I bought the BRP rules set, but haven't really used it yet. Now's the time I think...
    You can also tweak the heck out of it. The ruleset comes with instructions on how to edit a script file to make extensions to alter characteristics, skills (including base characteristics, base values, etc), skill categories, success level thresholds, powers, etc. You get a lot of bang for your buck without having to do any coding. You can even do variants like OpenQuest this way.

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    Thank you again kairos!

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    What 'd love to see is the multi layer extension implemented with this ruleset. I have been looking at it but so far my skillsare very limited and I am trying to work on it in my free time but not getting very far.

    So if anyone else has done this it would be an awesoem addition to the rule set.

    I also have switched to this ruleset and have not gone back! I use this for all my games now on and offline

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