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    A question on user created map packs.

    I'm pretty new to the software but I have been gaming for years. I have a ton of maps that I would like to release to the public. I gave up storytelling years ago but I wanted to contribute my campaign material so others could use them. I would like to know if the maps have to be formatted in a certain way? I searched but I couldn't find anything.

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    For the commercial map packs, we have started releasing them as modules with a linked story element to index them and offer the maps at various scales (i.e., 32 pixels per square, 50 pixels per square, 75 pixels per square and 100 pixels per square.) We also did different qualities for those who are either more concerned about transfer speed or quality of the image.

    If you go that route, you just need to build them within the campaign as usual and then export the module out with the "/export" command.

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    That helps a lot, pretty much what I intended to do Thanks.

    *Edit, if I wanted to just release a pack of maps would I have to package them under a certain format? just in case I decide not to package them as a module, that is the idea but I might want other options.
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