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    Cortex System (BSG, Supernat, Demon Hunters, Serenity)

    Just wondering if anyone besides me is interested in seeing a port of the Cortex System for FG? I've been trying (admittedly somewhat haphazardly) to get together a Serenity game using the core rules, but I'd love to see an actual rule-set put together for it (if we can get Margaret Weiss Productions to go along, of course).

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    I have contacted MWP in the past and they did not show any interest in having an official ruleset. Their opinion may change one day, so it may be helpful to post your thoughts on such a thing to their forum.

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    I would love to see that system done, as well as the Original Deadlands system (pre-SW)
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    Thanks, DD, I'll do that. I haven't had much satisfaction from my previous contacts with them, either, but a guy can hope!

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    I had officially started work on a Cortex ruleset for the following settings: Cortex/Supernatural/BSG or Demon Hunters/Serenity.

    However, initial contacts with MWP showed they are not interested in seeing this product develops in any ways at this moment either free or commercially... So my interest and time schedule has been reduced to fixing things and reimplementing stuff in the current state of the ruleset instead of pushing new things out...

    So far, the character sheets has complete support for:

    - character information
    - attributes/derived attributes
    - skills
    - feats
    - assets
    - complications
    - plot points management
    - injury management
    - difficulty system

    I used to spend 2 hours/day on this ruleset... I'm now spending 1 hour/week during my daughter's dance class due to the lack of interest by MWP. When I'm done with my current redesign, I will switch to the combat/inventory sections including support for the combat tracker...

    Unfortunately, this work might never see the light of day... MWP don't seem to worry about or Lone Wolf's Hero Lab releasing stuff related to Cortex, but do seem to have an issue with a FG ruleset... I'm wondering why ? I know they do participate at forum... so maybe a post there would push things A post I've decided was not proper to write myself.

    I was actually thinking this morning while on my way to work, to try to contact them again, but this time, be ready for a small demo of what is working and how FG works and how it can push the sales of their product !!! Not talking releasing the stuff, but basically, showing them how it works using Skype and FG

    But I only use FG as a player for a weekly game we run... and FG as a developper for the ruleset... I never, ever ran a game as DM with it

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    Wow, LilCthulu! That's a hell of a lot further along than I thought we might be. I entirely understand your lack of desire to spend too much effort on this, given MWP's lack of response. I've found them generally unresponsive to any attempt to improve their products, but I keep hoping.

    So far, at least, my post at has generated an overwhelming lack of response, but if you feel like adding to it, the subject is "Running online (or does anyone play through a virtual table top)". I think the demo thing is an excellent idea. Perhaps someone could put together a short video high-lighting some of the features and functionality, along the lines of Xorne's tutorials, that could be shown to the MWP folks to get them interested? Just a thought - I don't have the capability, myself, and I realize that's also not a small amount of effort for relatively little return.

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    BSG Fan here

    Love to BSG mod

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    LilCthulhu are you still working on this? My group is looking to play serenity, which would basically mean we would need to create our own char sheet or just use fg as chat and map not char sheets etc.

    Also sent you a pm incase you don't see this post.
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    I'd like to see a generic Cortex system sheet available to the FG2 community. Without support from MWP, there's unlikely to be an official version. So, community versions will be all that we're likely to get. There are several character sheets out there in PDF form, without protest from MWP. I can't see that there'd be a problem if we follow the usual community ruleset rules - no game mechanics, no rules, no branding or copyrighted imagery.
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    Wrote a long answer, and logged me out... Frak that !!! I'll make it shorter... They're not interested, their agent made it clear... either free or commercial ! I still have the source code... Now with Cortex being almost dropped, licences being dropped... we're seeing more Cortex Plus and less pure Cortex...

    Ruleset was well advanced... Attributes/Traits/Skills taken care of, etc Health System, Difficulty Threshold etc, done... I was at the part of Combat equipment and inter-combat rolling/defense automation with NPCs !

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