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    Request: C&C Screenshots

    Would someone be willing to post some screenshots of a Castles and Crusades game? I'd like to see some hint of what the modules provide in terms of maps, text, stats, and the general look of the C&C system under FG2.

    I own the paper versions of the books and A-series modules and was also wondering if the digital content for the maps were just blown up versions of what's in the paper modules for 1" tokens, or if there is some value add, enhanced maps, etc.


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    Here are some screenshots. The last one shows some of the maps from an adventure (The Shattered Horn.) You can zoom in and out and layer a grid over the maps just like you can for any image. It is hard to see in the screenshot but there is both a GM and a Player version of many of the maps.

    Adventures for the most part are nothing that you couldn't build yourself in FG2 if you already own the adventure module. It does save you a lot of time though because everything is preloaded and ready to go and images are probably going to be better optimized with their file size than what you would find with someone unfamiliar with graphics tools.

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    Excellent, thanks, that's what I was looking for.

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    Here's some screenshots from the game I play about once a month.
    (linked cause they're a bit too wide for the forums).

    Screen shot 1
    Screen Shot 2
    Screen Shot 3
    DM: For reference sake, when a bad guys dies, I'll turn their token over. So an upside down 'A' or 'B' means it's a corpse.
    PC 1: So if we kill a 'M' is it reincarnated as a 'W'?
    PC 2: That damn 'O' just won't die!

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    Mr_h i created a token with skull img (u can get one in google like: THIS OR THAT. instead A or B

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