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    one shot savage world games this saturday 4/3/10 and this sunday 4/4/10

    I am interested in playing savage worlds this saturday and/or this sunday. I am in the GMT-8 time zone.

    I can either DM a game in one of two fantasy worlds i have created and run games in in the past, or participate as a player in someone else's game if they want to run it on saturday/sunday (my availablity as a player is between 9am-11pm GMT-8 either day). Basically, come hell or high water I just want to play Savage Worlds this weekend

    Reply to this thread if you are interested in either day. If you would like to join in a game scheduled by me or someone else, then simply post your availablity on Saturday/Sunday with a time range to make it easy for me to count players and schedule. Make this easy for me or someone else to set up!

    Alternatively, if you are going to schedule the game yourself, give the day/time please.

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    I run a bi-weekly Savage Worlds game on Saturday afternoons EST (GMT -5). This weekend is our off week but you're welcome to join us for next weekend.

    I'm currently running a Realms of Cthulhu scenario. Once it is over (2 or 3 sessions) I'll run a Deadlands Reloaded "one sheet".
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    Hi, would like to play a game! Don't mind what is getting played, but I am a newbie to Fantasy Grounds. Time would be ok between 11am to 11pm on Saturday/Sunday and I'm also in the GMT-8 time zone.

    Just tell me what I need to set this up. Currently loading the demo and will have a look at the manual if this is set up.


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    Im game for Sunday, it is my day off.

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    Okay, so far it looks like I will be running a game at least on Sunday. Looks like noon pacific standard time would work for both of you guys. Anyone else interested in that slot?

    anyone else want to play savage worlds this weekend, post on here per my original email. Thanks!

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    Ok, noon at sunday it is. Just to make sure: I am good with the demo version, right? Need nothing else?

    Can't wait!

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    @daniel - you need the lite license to join on Sunday. You won't need anything else, except the login phrase, which is:

    Oily xorn just zone

    The server is up now, so you can login early at any time between now and sunday to make sure your client is working properly and/or set up a character.

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    Just to follow up, we were able to get a game together on Sunday and it was great. Thanks for the good game guys!

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    Great game. Looking forward to the next one!

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