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    Rolemaster Classic - Dalreth Campaign

    I have been running a fairly successful Call of Cthulhu game for new players. I was originally planning on alternating between Call of Cthulhu and Rolemaster but the group seems to enjoy CoC.

    I am therefore recruiting for a Rolemaster Classic campaign.

    I have not set a formal time for this, but I am in the Central Time Zone and have a day job. Evenings are the best for me but I might be able to schedule games on weekends. I can be somewhat flexible.

    I have most of the allowed optional rules sorted out and defined. I will be using Rolemaster Companion I, some material from the old Companion 2, Express Additions, and a couple of custom optional rules to streamline actions and combat.

    1. I have an unlimited license for Fantasy Grounds 2 - you do not need a license.
    2. I have maptools that I will attempt to integrate for tactical combats - you will need to download this for moving around (it is free) and having a second monitor will really help
    3. I have a voice server that we will use to communicate on so you will need a headset.
    4. I am integrating sound into the game.
    5. You might need to purchase Rolemaster Companion 1 and some of the Express Editions if you plan to use material from there for your character.
    6. The campaign setting is called Dalreth and I have been running it for over a decade.
    7. My games are 30% plot/roleplay, 30% combat, 30% Riddles/puzzles/searching, 10% avoiding something that will eat you
    8. I don't do respawning... characters die. entire parties die. If you attack everything in sight you won't live long.
    9. I have an extensive world and meta plot designed and am a cartographer so this will be a great visual, audio and fun experience.

    What I am looking for:
    4-6 adventurers who want to try out something new... who will do more than just play but also contribute to the game

    1.) A Bard/loremaster/chronicler... someone who will write up adventure synapsis and journal the game
    2.) Someone with database skills that can tweak a character generator with house rules and get them imported into fantasy grounds
    3.) Someone with artistic talent to draw up characters and new monster tokens for my new world
    4.) Someone with music talent to either generate some sound effects or find copyright free effects to add into the game to make it more interactive
    5.) Someone with a desire to help tweak the ruleset for our optional rules.

    NOTE: I plan to make all adventure material available here on Fantasy Grounds (licensing permitting). All proceeds are going to my son's memorial to fund exhibits at zoos and/or to Children's Hospitals.

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    BTW I may not use maptool but I really do like the line of sight and lighting. This is something we can discuss after I have the group formed up.

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