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    3.5 game seeking players on Saturdays

    hi there
    im presentely running a group on saturdays, we are five players right now, but are looking for ateast 1 more.

    At the moment im running a campaign within the City Of waterdeep in the FG Realms, the groups advenuters so far have been within the City walls and the sewers, but very soon they will head deeper into the fabled dungeons of Undermountain.

    So far they have been brought together to take over the criminal element of the Dockward and have been involved in dealing with some gang wars and other activities, but they have discoverd they are not alone in their quest for control, the sinster Kraken Organisation are plotting a large scale attack on the city, and they are operating from the sewers beneath the Dockward, the group have clashed with Kraken agents and discoverd the local Magistrar is in the Kraken's pocket, along side a gang headed by two infamous thiefs Thear Chessar, and Paerro, having allready delt with the betrayer Lazurus the company have been buisy dealing with Chessar and Paerro, but the encounter went up in smoke when the crooked magistrar appearded at their safehouse, the group discoverd they had a bargaining chip in the form of the captured Paerro, and bragained there way to freedom.
    It was at this point there mysteriouse benifactor the elusive Quicksilver revealed he was working for an organisation involved in keeping order here within the city and the north, he would not reveal who he worked for, but promised if the group would help him stop the kraken organisation he would give them the docklands to control, the company have uncoverd secret weopn supplies being held in warehouses, and the production of something called The Madness gas, they now knew why Paerro was so important, he was the brains behind the Gas, known as the Chemist Paerro had created the madness gas and the antidote.
    At this mooment the party have returned to the sewers where they formley battled the betrayer Lazurus, and discoverd the butcherd reamains of a wererat lair that had been stockpiling the Madness gas, here they meet Rapheal a wererat who is sickend and angerd by the murder of his friends, he tells of how it was Lazurus who recruited him and his friends and how they have a secret lab beneath the sewers, so as we stand they about to enter into Undermountain and locate the hidden labs of the Kraken.

    if tis story intrests you please contact me on my hotmail
    [email protected] for more info.

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    Sounds interesting

    I would like to join, What characters do you have so far? I generally play Rogue like characters, but I would like to play something that would balance the team.
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    I'd like to play as well. I'm open to play pretty much any type of character.

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    I could be game.

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    thank for the interest guys

    if you wont in please email me on
    [email protected]

    from there i can talk to you on hotmail and we can sort out what characters ext, and arrange a date for character generation and a short update.

    we have lost a player due to work comitments and have still got 2 openings
    be aware we use skype and our comfortable with a mic.

    once you are happy to jouin us, i will ad you to our FG II msn group, there i can c whose online, and chat to you if i need to pass some personal game info.

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