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    FG Updater...isn't updating...

    Hello all -

    Tonight the FG updater began to refuse to update.

    I've recently enabled local port forwarding to host games, and all is well in the world there for a change. However, when trying to update, the following occurs:


    Running updater v3.3.2. Updater .exe has been whitelisted with Windows firewall, and has been run while WinFW is disabled. Both result in the same issue.

    It appears as though the updater is attempting to update itself, which I recognize as a potential problem, since exe's tend to lock themselves up when running.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Thanks -


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    3.3.8 has troubles, too.
    It can´t update a 2E pack...and somehow non of my campagines will start because of a missing base.xml

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    I think the updater servers are probably overloaded somewhat with a slew of FGU Beta connections just going live,..

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    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    I think the updater servers are probably overloaded somewhat with a slew of FGU Beta connections just going live,..
    Yeah think so too. Will try it again tomorrow.

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    Yup. Happening to me as well. I was able to update fine yesterday. And the FGU Updater is also stalling out.


    Edit - agree about the servers getting slammed by the FGU beta. It's consistent with what I'm currently experiencing.
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    I would love to be able to select which Rulesets and Addons I actually want to install/update. Advanced updater mode?

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    FG Classic was having update issues long before the beta was released.
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    I'm having the same issue as well

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    3 of my players tonight are having issues as well. Classic client.
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    im also unable to update. 3.3.7
    Same issue, network timeout

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