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    Character Leveling & Development

    On the 1st and 2nd of December I will be holding a open server for character creation and charcter development (for those who need to up their level). Please check the Game Calendar for the times. I will also be answering questions if you have any.


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    Is this an open campaign that can be joined?

    I'm a long time RM gm, leastways I was a decade ago as I slowly rebuild my world for my old players I would love to get involved with a group.
    It's a small world, but I wouldnt want to paint it.

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    I would love to have you join CWQ. I'm actually hosting a character generation and leveling on December 1st and 2nd. As you know making RM characters can be a bit time consuming but non the less fun. You can check out the game calendar for the times. I will also be answering questions about the world surrounding the "Curse of the Wolf Queen" and setting up times to play Chapter 2 "The Long Road to Repentance". You can also Visit or use the following link to access additional info:

    Hope to see you soon
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    A new adventure has been submitted on titled "Turn a Blind Eye" by Coleen Kelly. It can be played as a stand alone adventure or in the world of the Wolf Queen. It has also been submitted to the "VAULT" hopefully it makes the cut. Good luck Coleen...thanks for your hard work. This adventure can be easily converted to FG2 from the website (Just cut and paste).


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    Rolemaster GM/Player

    I am a longtime Rolemaster savant and would love to join, is there any chance I can get in? Never used Fantasy Grounds before, but it looks great!!!!

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    I'm always looking for new players. I do not have a new game set up as of yet due to the amount of projects I have taken on. The Wolf Queens Lair has taken off way beyond my expectations so I hope things will settle down so I can run again. If you can leave me your email so I can update you with the on going setting and game dates.


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    Part 13 is now available at the wolf Queens Lair. PCs can acquire their first magic items in the adventure. New maps and images are also available for personal use.


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