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    RMC: Targetting and Linking to Attack Charts

    I am one of those closet RM fans. I cannot believe I walked right by the FGII booth at Gencon and did not see the RMC ruleset.

    I am very rusty at using FG and even more rusty at RM. I am in the process of just creating up some random characters and rolling through a few combats with no players attached.

    I can not figure out how to do two things (well, I am sure there are more, but I have not figured it out yet)

    1. I can add a goblin as a personality and add him to the combat tracker. I can rename his "melee" attack to "short sword", but I cannot figure out how to link it up with short sword attack (ALT-24) table. Another example, would be in your blog example, how did you make "Biter" use the beak table?

    2. I cannot figure out how to target someone from the combat tracker.

    Please, point out where I am doing something wrong.

    Thanks again for this truly amazing product.

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    Hi Senoj, Rolemaster rocks!

    To change the attack table for a weapon, open the weapon window, and also open up the list of available charts (button in the top right of FG). Drag the chart you want from the list of charts to the "Table" field on the weapon window.

    Now to target someone you need to drag their name in the combat tracker to the "Attack vs" field.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Hi Senoj

    In answer to your questions:

    1. The easiest way to add a weapon to a PC/NPC is to drag it from the list of weapons in Arms Law. Once Arms Law is activated it appears in the Library and the Standard and Additional weapons are listed as two tables at the top level of Arms Law.

    To the immediate left of each weapon name is a little draggable square, whcih you should be able to drop on the character sheet or combat tracker weapon lists.

    An alternative is to create your own weapon (which includes re-naming the blank entry already present, as you are doing) but then to drag the weapon table to the opened weapon details page.

    2. To target someone from the combat tracker, drag the target's name from the tracker and drop it on the target*ing* entity's weapon field (attack vs).

    If you are logged on as a player, and the combat map is being displayed, you can click on the target token on the map and FG should auto-select that oponent as the target for all your attacks and defences.

    Hope that helps


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    Vroom, I agree. It rocks.

    Thanks to you both.

    Now, I just need to continue playing with it until I knock off some of this rust.

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