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Where is the manual?

The manual (or user guide) for the built-in 3.5E/PFRPG and 4E game system rulesets are located in the Library section of the Fantasy Grounds website.

Other game system rulesets typically provide a subset of the functionality available in the 3.5E and 4E rulesets. Please check on the forums if you have questions about the level of functionality for a given game system ruleset.

In addition to the user guide, the library contains a lot of information on customizing Fantasy Grounds for other game systems.

Also, the Downloads section hosts some great video tutorials.

How many players can connect to a game?

The number of players is not specifically restricted by the software (though license limitations still apply).

What is the maximum resolution for images and maps?

There is no absolute maximum size for images, but we strongly recommend using a number of small images rather than one huge image for several reasons: transfer time and video memory on low-end machines (player or host).

Is voice chat supported?

Fantasy Grounds does not have built-in voice chat capability.

However, you can run one of the many third-party voice chat solutions in the background while using Fantasy Grounds. If your software of choice requires one of the users in the game to host the voice chat server, it is usually best if the person hosting Fantasy Grounds is also not running the voice server - this makes better use of the network bandwidth.

For your convenience below is an incomplete list of third-party voice/video chat options: Google Hangouts/Talk, Skype, Teamspeak, Ventrilo.

I have a slow connection, how can I manage the hosting?

An excellent post on the forums about this issue.

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