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Paypal error received during checkout

Message Type 1:


The card you entered cannot be used for this payment.
Please enter a different credit or debit card number

The rejection message described by your buyer is a general PayPal message which could indicate a number of issues. Some common reasons why PayPal could reject cards and display this message are:

  1. Credit Card Is Linked or Associated with a PayPal Account. 
    If you’re using a credit card that’s linked or assigned to a PayPal account, try login to PayPal during payment process. You can change the source of fund to make the payment after logged in to use credit card instead of PayPal balance.

  2. Credit Card Is Previously Used in PayPal Account or Assigned in Closed PayPal Account
    PayPal remembers a credit card details even when it’s already been removed from the account. The information also been remembered even if PayPal account which linked to the credit card is closed and deleted. In this case, try another credit card, or assigned the credit card to a PayPal account, and pay with account logged in.

  3. PayPal Limit on Non-Member Credit Card Usage 
    According to PayPal source, there is a limit based on the number of times, the amount of the transactions, the type of merchandise being sold that a credit card can be used within the system without having to verify ownership by opening an account. The restriction is for security and fraud protection reasons. There is no workaround to this limitation, but you should be able to use another credit card. If there is problem, try using another email address. Else, register an PayPal account.

  4. Credit Card or Email Address Raises Flag in the Transaction 
    Closely link to reasons above, where some part of the transaction raises flag on the server that stop the payment. Two possible flags are on credit card or email address. Try changing either credit card or e-mail address or both when attempting to pay again.Please contact [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

Message Type 2:


We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're
sorry for the inconvenience.

The main reasons for this particular error according to PayPal technical support:
  1. When a customer does not have paypal account, a credit card has a total lifetime transaction limit of approximately $4000. This value is the total of all payments ever made through the PayPal Guest Checkout Experience on that credit card. Even if the total is below $4000, they can only use that card 15 times as a guest. If the card is flagged by PayPal, an account (username/password) will be required for security reasons.  In either case, your attendee/buyer will need to sign up for a PayPal account in order to use that credit card.
  2. If your customer does have an existing PayPal account and the credit card or email address is recognized, your client MUST log in to PayPal first for security reasons.
These are unfortunately limitations imposed by PayPal for security reasons and entirely have to do with the buyer’s credit card account. The only workaround is for you to advise them to create a PayPal account using that credit card (if they already do not have one), or use their existing PayPal account if they already have one to complete the transaction.

Message Type 3:


The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through un-encrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details.

If your customers receive this error message, you can turn off the PayPal Encrypted Website Payments feature in your PayPal account profile.To Turn Off the PayPal Encrypted Website Payments Feature
  1.     Log in to your PayPal account.
  2.     Click Profile.
  3.     From the Selling Preferences column, click Website Payment Preferences.
  4.     In the Encrypted Website Payments section, select Off.
  5.     Click Save. 
Message Type 4:

“Your payment can’t be completed. Please return to the participating website and try again”

Based on the above error message you forwarded to us, PayPal technical support suggests the following solution:

If you are a PayPal Standard (Personal, Business or Premium) user and you receive the above PayPal Error:

You may need to follow these steps to remedy the situation:
  •     Log into your PayPal Account
  •     Click ‘Profile’
  •     Click ‘More Options’
  •     Select ‘My Selling Tools’
  •     Click ‘Block Payments’
  •     Under the Payment Receiving Preferences, find the “Block payments from users who:” section
  •     Uncheck the “Initiate payments from the Pay Anyone subtab of the Send Money tab” option
  •     Click ‘Save’
This should solve the problem. 

Please contact [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

Subscribed or Ordered, but no license received

Check the Spam foler

Orders are processed immediately after Paypal notifies our server of a completed payment. This causes the license key to be generated and your account's Order History to be updated. Note that the email used is whatever Paypal provides us for the transaction. This may be different than the email you use for your forum account here and can be located by logging into Paypal and checking the Primary Email address under your Profile settings. If you wish to change this, please add a second email, edit the new email and mark it as a Primary Address. After that is done, you can remove any older email addresses that you may no longer use. Emails will be labeled as coming from [email protected]; however, they are sent from u17043136.onlinehome-server.com and may be blocked by overly aggressive spam filtering applications.

If your order has already been processed, you can check under Store > Order History on the website to see if the order is displayed there. It should display any non-subscription orders that you have made while logged onto your forum account.

If your order was for a subscription and you did not receive the email for some reason, you can send an email note to [email protected] and let us know what email address the order should have been linked to and when the purchase was made. We can look it up and email it to you.

eCheck or other Financial Institution Delay

These emails are normally sent out automatically but in certain situations, like with new accounts or eChecks, PayPal places a verification hold on the funds. As soon as PayPal notifies us that the funds are clear, the automatic email will generate. This can occasionally take 2-4 days before PayPal completes their verification. You should receive an email from PayPal roughly an hour or so before they release the funds to SmiteWorks. Other than that, please check your Spam filters to see if the email was flagged as spam for some reason.

My download link on the Order History page no longer works or is missing.

There is a limit on the number of times a product can be downloaded using the link emailed for your purchase -- or from the Order History page. This is for anti-piracy reasons. Please send an email to [email protected] and request that your count be increased to allow additional downloads.

I just purchased a product from the store and the download link is broken.

Please send an email to [email protected] and we will fix the link. We may have been up late working on code or gremlins may have taken over our keyboard.

Store and Billing Issues Not Covered Above

If you have problems with the Fantasy Grounds Store or billing, you can get help by contacting us through support.fantasygrounds.com (preferred) or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

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