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Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

To comply with COPPA guidelines and for the protection of minors, the COPPA Parental Consent Form must be completed to allow minors under 13 years of age to register an account on the Fantasy Grounds website. As a registered member, your child will provide data including name, age, username and e-mail addresses. This information is used as part of a public forum where username is exposed. Both public and private messages from other members may be sent or received from your child’s account and these should be monitored by a parent or guardian. Interactions within the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop are not monitored by SmiteWorks USA LLC staff. We employ volunteer moderators on our forums but this only applies to Public messages. You can disable Private messages by editing your Profile information. Any games within the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop should be monitored by a parent or guardian.

Registration on our forum may also sign you up for email notifications from SmiteWorks, but never from 3rd parties. You can opt-out of any newsletters you receive.

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