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New Call of Cthulhu Adventures Await

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Immerse yourself in the world of H.P. Lovecraft with the new release, The House of R'lyeh. Five new adventures are included for your group of intrepid adventures. Pursue leads to secret places and hidden cults. Don't go mad.

The Art of Madness
A strange grave robbery and the disappearances of three artists draw the Investigators to a bizarre school in subterranean Boston.

The Crystal of Chaos
A search for a fabulous semi-mythical crystal lead the Investigators to a horror heretofore unknown.

The Return of the Hound
The sale of a very rare edition of the Necronomicon draws Investigators to Yorkshire following the murder of the former owner and the suicide of his supposed killer in Amsterdam.

The Jermyn Horror
A creature of nightmare bound inside a crumbling and abandoned mansion seeks its freedom, and the Investigators might prove to be the perfect vessels to accomplish such ends.

Nameless City, Nameless Terrors
When an ancient and forgotten city buried in the sands of Arabia is rediscovered, its unearthed secrets might spell the end of human civilization.

Call of Cthulhu is well known for including immersive handouts such as newspaper clippings, typed letters and postings of strange goings-ons. Use these to provide clues to your Investigators as they seek to unravel the mysteries.

Each story is laid out as a general outline, with links to new pieces of the story -- including stats and info for playing important non-player characters (NPCs) and maps of key areas.

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