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Any D&D Collectors here?

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[COLOR=#800000]Hello all, as you all know I'm an avid fan of D&D, having played it now for some 32 years :) Yes, I'm an oldie. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#800000]The journey for me started with the original/classic D&D back in the late 70's early 80s when I was introduced to the Holmes Basic/Expert sets by my god father at the age of 10. My passion for D&D was firmly cemented by the time Mr Moldvay came along with his editions of the Basic/Expert sets and by the time the BECMI box sets were out I was already DMing my own campaigns based in Greyhawk. Why am I telling you all this? Well along the ways I have procured and acquired various content, material, some rare, some exotic and some not so and thought it might be fun/interesting to share pictures of my collection in the hopes it will encourage others to do so. I like to think of my collection as a preservation of a slice of roleplaying gaming history and it would be a shame to lock it all up never to see the light of day so instead I start this thread in the hopes we can start an interesting dialogue amongst friends.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#800000]And so I will kick off the thread with a history of D&D by bookshelf starting with the original releases and working upto modern day.

Bookshelf number 1 from my collection:[/COLOR]


[COLOR=#800000]Left to Right
[LIST][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Rules for Fantastic Medieval Wargames Campaigns Playable with Paper and Pencil and Miniature Figures (2nd Printing 1975) - the original 3 booklets but the woodgrain box is a replica as mine got destroyed :( and yes, that really was the title of the game when it launched in 1974 - what a mouthful :)
[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Rules for Fantastic Medieval Wargames Campaigns Playable with Paper and Pencil and Miniature Figures (5th Printing 1975) - the original white box[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Holmes - UK Edition 1st Print 1977) - the first revised edition of D&D by J. Eric Holmes who was a teacher and a D&D fan but felt the original books were not new player friendly - he was right.[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Holmes - US Edition 2nd Print 1978) w/Dice[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Holmes - US Edition 5th Print 1980) w/Dice Chit Card - due to short supplies of polyhedral dice TSR shipped chit cards instead.[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Moldvay - US 8th Print 1981) [/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (Moldvay - US 9th Print 1982) [/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set (Moldvay - US 1st Print 1981)[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons Expert Set (Moldvay - US 2nd Print 1982)[/COLOR][*][COLOR=#800000]Dungeons & Dragons 40th Anniversary Reprint of the original woodgrain box Set with rulebooks I-III and supplements IV-VII (1st print 2014)[/COLOR][/LIST]
The two little miniature sets are part of the D&D 25th Anniversary celebration reprints of some of the D&D and AD&D 1e classics of that time. I have several of the box sets and nearly all the reprints of the AD&D rulebooks. These are really great items, 1/7th of an inch in scale but all complete and readable (albeit with a magnifying glass), even the maps are all included for the adventure sets.
[COLOR=#800000]You can just see the top of my AD&D 1e rulebook collection but you will have to wait for that one as we have a couple of other shelves to go before we get to AD&D. 1e :)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#800000]Right, I've shown you mine, now you show me yours ;p[/COLOR]

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  1. dj-wedge's Avatar
    Moar! I consider my collection to be vast, but I certainly do not have several of these things. I'd love to see more!
  2. Niles's Avatar
    Zeus, the blue boxes, 4th and 5th from the left in your picture, that's what I started out on too! The dungeon was Quasqueton, if I remember right. I'm an older gamer too, but absolutely can't quit the game. The reason I love 5e is because it really gets back to basics with the mechanics and the emphasis on storytelling. Which is what D&D is all about. DM's have a story to tell. They're the director and the players are the actors or at least I think in those terms. No modern MMO will ever touch old school, roll the dice, roleplaying D&D.
  3. Varsuuk's Avatar
    Your 1e's look different except for the middle "brown era" bindings.

    I bought the PHB when I first stumbled across ir in The Compleat Strategist. I had no idea at first what this thing was though... didn't SEEM to be the full game. I think it was in '79 that I joined my first game in an illegally squatted in after school game in my Freshman year with a bunch of Juniors.
    After the summer I didn't play (other than in sporatic one offs) until 81 when it was nonstop until 1994 then again 96-2000ish.

    I have nearly all the 1e stuff and 2e stuff but have no shelf space... hell I had to swap my den with 14' L table/computer-center for my boys old nursery... I had to pack away some of my PCs and modular desk parts I has a sad

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