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Pathfinder Weapon Damage

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Great post by Nickademus explaining the Pathfinder Weapon Damage strings.

Quote Originally Posted by Nickademus View Post
The combat tracker usually uses the format from the 3.5E or PF stat block in the Monster Manuals/Bestiaries. The specifics can get tricky though. Here's a breakdown of what you are looking for:

battleaxe +7 melee (1d8+5/19-20/x3)
silver dagger +2 (1d4+2/19-20)
+1 flaming longbow +5 ranged (1d8+1d6 piercing, fire/x3)
acidic touch +10 melee touch (5 acid)

And the components and what they do:
Magic Bonus
FG adds the 'magic' damage type to the damage.

Weapon Material
FG adds the material type, if it recognizes it, to the damage types.

Weapon Name
"battleaxe & dagger & longbow"
FG adds damage types for the weapon if none are explicitly given, unless it doesn't recognize the weapon. It ignored words it doesn't know like the 'flaming' on the bow. You can add weapon names with an extension (such as this).

Attack Bonus
"+7 & +2 & +5 & +10"
FG adds this number to the d20 roll when making an attack. Effects are of course looked at for modifications first.

Attack Type
"melee & ranged & melee touch"
FG uses this to determine what AC to compare the attack roll against. If no type is given, FG assume melee.

Damage Amount
"1d8+5 & 1d4+2 & 1d8+1d6 & 5"
FG rolls (if dice) or uses (if a static number) this to determine how much damage will be applied. Note that on a critical hit (or while holding shift) ALL of this damage is multiplied. That means the 1d6 fire damage from the flaming bow would be multiplied when it shouldn't be. It is better to use an effect for non-multiplying damage additions, but I set it up this way because I wanted to show you this could be done.

Damage Type
"piercing, fire & acid"
FG uses this damage type (in addition to 'magic' if relevant) when applying the damage. If none is given, or FG doesn't recognize the damage type, FG uses the damage types from the weapon name. Multiple types can be apply, separated by a comma.

Critical Profile
"19-20/x3 & 19-20 & x3"
After the damage amount, put a '/' to denote crit information. Next put the critical range if it is different from the default (20) and/or the critical multiplier if it is different from the default (x2). Note that the '/' is used in the crit profile both to separate it from the damage and to separate the range and multiplier.

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  1. Trenloe's Avatar
    This is valid for the 3.5E ruleset as well.

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