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I'm insane!!!!

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Stop me if you have heard this one before ...

"Reapeating the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the very definition of insanity."

But here I am. once again ... Writing on this bog....

Slowly searching the keyboard ... trying to see the letters ... working from word to word ... in a valiant effort to make sense ... to not forget because of short term memory loss, what I was trying to ssay. If you are just happening upon this, I recently had a stroke.I did well in therapy, though my eyesight is messed up. I have limited strength and not a lot of energy. I am sad to say that too often and take the path of least resistance. I have to choose my battles.

Well that was almost a year ago.

I was ... have been a DM for over 40 years. I am a staunch Fantasy Grounds supporter for 6 years. I currently I am running two D&D5e campaigns and have sat in for a couple of sessions of traveler. Oh yeah! I am trying to learn the Dungeon Crawl classics ruleset.

I don't know why I am still writting this blog. I know i have a lot to say. Always have. I always blamed it on being raised on the Amplified text of the Bible. I guess the real question is ... do I have something of value to say.

At this this point does it even matter?

I mean almost every post I get excited when I get notification of a response, but when I check it out it is some spam ad that is in a foregn language. I can,t even read the spam.

Does it really matter if this is read. Ultimately ... no.

So I will continue to post and hope that someone will read and post a reply I will try and post more often. But you know I've made that promise before.

If you expect things to change ...


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  1. Kelrugem's Avatar
    Here a comment which is not spam: Merry Christmas
  2. srbongo's Avatar
    I actually read these specifically for the spam comments. Frankly, you never know when you'll need a martial arts center (in Las Vegas), a restoration company for flooding (in CA), and a house in Georgia - all from the convenience of a DnD blog!
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