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Back in the saddle again!

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I thank you for allowing me to share my situation and concerns. Also thank you for your kind comments. They helped alot. I have graduated therapy with flying colors. I was amazed at how open and supportive of my interests and what they could do to get me back to being able to continue them. It was also interesting how they said playing Dungeons and Dragons on Fantasy Grounds was good theropy.

I am pleased to anounce that as of two days ago ... I DM ed my first game since December.
I have to admit I was going abit crazy. I know my wife as loving as she is was growing tired of the You Tube D&D videos I was listening to. I was also feeling guilty as my group andI wer in the middle of Candle keep adventures. I kept my mind busy coming up with three new campaigns. A viking one, one that was inspired by the animae series Arcane and Drifting Dragons. and a Victorian styled one using the Bridgewater Triangle as the setting.

My group and my wife have been very patient and encouraging.

We have started to play short adventures to get me back in the swing of things. And I was rather pleased when one of my players asked "So what's the name of this village?" I was able to respond with, "Here in this village they speak their minds and speak plainly. It's so back water ... that's what they call it ... Backwater. We all had agood time and I will adnit that it warmed my soul to see Shelby play again. She is maybe the finest player I have ever had at my table.

So ... I may not be up to snuff. I may have to work hard to not forget things (short term memory loss.) And it might take me twice as long to do things ... but I'm Back

P.S. Thank you to all the Forge Creators that have recognized the needs of those of us that need a little heping hand.

Thank you all and I will keep you updated.

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