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Rialacha Teach Mhorgunna

Today is the first day of the rest of your life ...

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Well here we are.

It has been some time since I have written in this blog. It had become too much of a drain upon my time between work, life and of course ... my game. So what has changed? Well thank God, it is not life. I still have one. Likewise I am bless still to have friends to play with. (In fact ... I, a lifetime DM will be a player in an upcoming Traveller campaign.) What has changed?

I've retired.

Not completely my idea. After years of hard work, the job is drying up. money is down and my body just doesn't have the strength any more. Bad enough that I had to leave about 8 months earlier than plan. Technically I do not leave the company until the end of the year but I am currently on leave.

So besides having time on my hands ... why am I here writing this? Well at this moment my players and I are going through Candlekeep Mysteries. And as we start the third book in the series, I began to look forward to the future. The end will come while a way down the road, sooner than anticipated. So I put out a couple of proposals to my group. Do you want to do a campaign somewhere else than the Forgotten Realms.

I got a resounding, "YES!!!"

Next I gave them a choice ... D&D5e Steampunk or ... a low magic Viking campaign. I have to say ... I was surprised. It's Vikings.

It was pleasant, a heartfilling feeling. I could hear the clang of Thor's Hammer. Lightning striking all around. The excitement crackled all around. Unknown to me, on of my players LOVES Vikings and has been studying them since a little girl. She excitedly told me that she would offer to help in anyway she could.

So,I have begun to gather resources. TV shows and Movies for inspiration ... histories from books and YouTube ... resources from the usual suspects (Here and DM's Guild.) After plunging in I thought perhaps it might be worth while to document my progress.

So here we are.

I hope you might find some worth.

Thank you any who listen.

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  1. dmkevin's Avatar
    Hi mhorgunn,

    Like you, I have also very recently retired far sooner than expected and I will be looking forward to both dm'ing and playing on Fantasy Grounds for as many years as possible with players and dungeon masters both young and old!

  2. StefanL's Avatar
    Dude, you've probably worked 40 years. Your work experience is longer than 99.99% of the human LIFESPANS ever experienced!

    A stroke may be like a slow down message but spend the remainder of your life enjoying friends, family, fun, frolic'g... Hang in there, man!

    You deserve it!
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