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Pixel adjustments

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Once the noise is gone, you notice all sorts of imperfections.
I just adjusted four different things in record_table.xml (that handles tables) and I have to question myself if the layout artist was a bit drunk when he made that, because those " offset="-1" " attributes just make no sense.
...but the pixels are just how I want them now, and all is tranquil in the world.

If only humanity knew, how numbers all bloom up from zero, they would scream, and they would never stop.
I have seen her. I have seen the face of the black mother. She is inside me. I screamed too.

The dialogue boxes look far more solid, now that I've finally pixel-adjusted all the close/help/resizer buttons in template_windows.xml. Another pain-in-my-eyes brought peace. My theme is beginning to look fairly beautiful now.

I think I am in love. The object of my affection is the "button_roll" button I've just made. The default one was just an ugly lump of stone, while the new one looks like a fitted gem, every pixel in its place. <3
I've even made a custom D10 button, for Kult, but since I don't want to impose my theme onto players who just want to use the sheet, maybe I'll only use it if my theme can somehow detect that my Kult sheet has been loaded. I'll see if there's a way. I hesitate to ask the forums, since I don't want another argument. Humans are so annoying.

I actually thought that more than three people would download my sheet. I take the lack of response since release, to mean that there are no errors or major flaws. Esmdev would do well to start writing his tables and preparing at this point, since a lot can be done to improve the session experience.

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Updated January 13th, 2020 at 21:50 by MooCow



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