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Release Day

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I'm nervous. Did I get everything? Are there any bugs? Especially the tab changes seemed to just magically work toward the end, so I'm worried that the tab scripts won't be loaded on another computer somehow. These last two days I've been gnashing teeth out of stress, and my cheeks hurt.
Oh, that's right: I forgot to change a few image names to prettier ones. Oh well. I'll do that later.
The sheet still has a few things to fix, but it works enough that I can take maybe a month's "vacation" now.
I can focus just on the SimplePlus theme now, which is starting to look okay now.

I've figured out that there's one way that I can make humans appreciate me: Mimicry. If I take great care to imitate another human's work, then I can hide my monstrous nature, like a chest mimic. That's why I'm taking these things so seriously, I guess.
My FG theme extension, however, doesn't really look that human. It is deliberately drained of all warmth, like a cold slab of stone. It's mostly made to look good for me.

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