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The Mortar Pit

Lua is not my friend

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Hey all...

Another installment from the Mortar Pit.

I am going into depths I have rarely gone before. I am delving into the world of lua. That crazy little programming language that makes rulesets and extensions work, and it wasn't long before I realized I suck at it

About a week ago I got asked in discord to help put together a language and font extension for a 5E campaign. Something I hadn't done before, but I'm all over it like flies on...well...you know.

I had managed to hack together a couple of themes in the past, this ought to be something I could puzzle out pretty quickly. I mean if somebody like Trenloe can make one I ought to be able to right?

Not so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found a couple of language extensions on the forums, including one by the aforementioned Trenloe. I looked at them, looked at the lua scripts inside. Neither one was difficult to understand.

Not long after that I found myself in a test campaign in FG trying to figure out why this simple extension wasn't doing what I thought it should be doing.

Moon Wizard was in discord the other day telling me I need to look at X script and do Y...

I'm yelling back at my monitor... "I am doing Y with X script @#$%^&*()_#@$%"

My first mistake was made right off the get go. In all the time I have been using FG I have never used a an extension that added fonts or languages to the game, so I had no idea of what to expect with one of these extensions.

Danger Mortar!! Danger!!

The script may have been working properly (I got the languages added I think, but not the fonts) but it wouldn't have mattered.

Doesn't matter how simple or complex a project is if you don't know what the end goal is, and you'd think after 24 years in the infantry I would've known that

Time to go check out those extensions in a campaign and see how they are supposed to work. Then I can finish up this little learning project

There might be a few updates here too -- https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...onversion-List

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  1. GunbunnyFuFu's Avatar
    I feel your pain!
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